Yankees: Why Mickey Mantle was the Best Switch Hitter of All-Time

He also showed more power from the right side, hitting 107 home runs as opposed to 180 home runs from the left side despite over twice as many at-bats as a left-handed hitter. During his peak years, Williams was an all-star in five straight seasons while also helping the Yankees to collect four World Series rings in a five-year span. His 350 career home runs rank seventh all-time among switch hitters. There were also 11 occasions when Davis hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same game, a feat that only four other switch hitters have matched or surpassed.

Younger fans might pick a player with a gorgeous swing, Carlos Beltran. Here’s a look at the top four players considered by most baseball experts to be the greatest switch-hitters, and why each deserves consideration for being at the top of the short list. Keep in mind his career spanned four decades from 1979 to 2002. In his prime, Raines made seven straight All-Star Teams, and in 1986, he became just the third switch hitter to win the NL batting title. Ignore the 240 strikeouts and 10 walks in 744 career plate appearances and focus on the respectable .238 batting average, .636 OPS and 24 home runs — the most for any pitcher in the DH era. Zambrano was especially dangerous from the right side, slugging .457 with nine homers in under 200 at-bats.

He would have finished his career with a .300 average if he did not play his last season, when he batted .237, finally proving to be human, bringing his career batting average to .298. When he retired, he was third on the all-time home run list behind only Ruth and Mays. A Hall of Fame inductee, Murray was one of the most consistent hitters of his era. He never hit more than 33 home runs in a season, but managed to hit 504 in his career, and also had an average over .300 seven times in a career that spanned five teams and 21 seasons. That season, he hit 33 homers, drove in 111 runs and batted .306. In 20 of his 21 seasons, he hit at least 10 home runs.

He also won the 1999 Rookie of the Year Award and isone of four Royal players to earn that honor. Beltrán also homered from both sides of the plate twice as a Royal. Murray’s steady play nets him record at first base On the day the Cleveland Indians opened their new ballpark, the team’s first baseman broke one of the oldest records in baseball. Mantle becomes sixth player to reach 500 home runs On May 14, 1967, Mickey Mantle became the sixth player in big league history to total at least 500 home runs.

Pete Rose – The all-time career hits leader in MLB. Currently barred from Hall of Fame consideration due to his betting on baseball. José Reyes, a switch hitter, batting left-handed and right-handed . He did not finish his career with an above .300 average. So let’s admire the best switch hitter there ever was.

Who is the all time greatest switch hitter in MLB history? Jones, who retired in 2012, was clearly the best of that group and is considered one of the all-time greatest switch-hitters. While acknowledging that switch swinging has no bearing on stolen bases, we feel compelled camwood 30 day program pdf free download to point out that those who bat both ways seem to excel on the basepaths far beyond their limited numbers. AP Photo/John McConnicoOne of the steadiest hitters in baseball for many years, Alomar smacked 504 doubles and stole 474 bases in his 17-year career.

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