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There are different goals that may be desired in this type of guest post. Some may be more geared to attracting blog visitors, whereas others are more focused on giving tips and strategies to those already users of the blogging site. We do not accept guest posts from freelancers or content marketers looking to build links to their clients. We love building relationships and guest posting on other great blogs too! Please get in touch with using if you would like Suits Me to generate a unique blog/article for your website also.

The Investment and Finance related articles are published here is only for educational purpose, so that people can get the correct finance tips regarding their future investment. But we strictly advice to people consult a licensed and professional financial advisor for any kind of investment you need. We only write about the investment and personal finance tips for information and educational purpose here. Go Blue Sun is a business and finance blog that caters to people who constantly look for advice about a wide range of topics concerning their everyday lives.


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The style of writing should be semi-formal and should be accessible for the target audience. Investments — this teaches readers about the intricacies of allocating funds in the expectation of some benefit in the future. Opinion Pieces — or written works that reflect the personal views of their writer.

Identify what blog or website you write for; if you try to conceal who you are, I will assume you are a spammer and delete your pitch. Since there is still some confusion on this matter, let me be explicitly clear, I didn’t create the blog and invest countless hours and money to give you free advertising. Let me save you some time if I don’t know you, never heard of you, and we are not BFFs; I’m not going to link to your dope AF post. Our readers range from the more sophisticated to those just starting and looking to have a few bucks left over after all the bills are paid. The time they take to read us has to be worth their while and profitable.

Once a blog has been published on Enverus.com we may use snippets or summaries of the content to promote on social media. You can link to relevant references but anything that is promoting a product or service will not be published. We believe that well-researched and engaging content is essential to attracting viewers and maintaining a competitive edge in this industry. We accept quality content that meets the highest standards of quality and professionalism. The submitted blog article shouldn’t be published anywhere, including on your own blog.

You will be able to post your guest post finance very easily. Our Finance To Know blog’s only goal is to provide visitors with helpful information. We are looking for articles and postings that help make an educated choice about financial goods for our readers.

Content related to personal finance and money, cryptocurrency, forex trading, investment, and financial management. All marketing blogs such as digital marketing, online marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization. We have a highly competent and knowledgeable editorial team that’ll check if your work passes the standards of our company. Upon getting the approval of our editor-in-chief, we’ll publish your article on Go Blue Sun and share it across our social media platforms. We prefer long deep-dive style articles 2,000-2,500 words, but we will also consider shorter pieces if they are high quality and provide value to our readers. The opinions expressed in this post/page are those of the author.

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