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After the introduction of smartphones and handy gadgets number of blogs and website visitors are increasing frequently as compared to past. Earlier individuals who have will to write used to only share content via newspaper or local platform approach. But now after introduction of blogging writers and content contributors feel ease to share their ideas in the form of a quality content. Are you also among those writers and want to write for us. We welcome your visit and would love to publish your content.

Here are seven tips for designing a great about us page. Case studies can influence your prospects’ purchasing decisions since they show your company’s past successes. Plus, they help prospects to envision their future success through the stories of your best customers. Companies often generalize their offering in the website copy, making it hard to understand what the customer is actually paying for.

Editors reserve the right to reject contributions at their discretion and make minor edits to your article. Ideally, we’d love for your article to reflect the writing style and tone of our blog. Our content team will review your submission and it’ll only be accepted if it meets our quality standards.


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Buck Mason—a menswear brand—doesn’t shy away from images to showcase the soul and origins of its California roots. It’s a great example of how you can include visuals to tell a story and create a brand identity that goes beyond the usual wall of text. Allbirds’ brilliant use of elements like background videos and quippy phrases to draw in its audience’s attention already make its About Us page that much more memorable. Scroll further and you’re met with a founder’s story, told in the third person. To get a fresh idea, you better go through our website content and analyze what type of content we are publishing. In this way, you will get an idea of how we are proceeding and how you need to approach us with fresh ideas.

A Forbes study recently revealed that 59% of senior executives prefer video to text if both are offered on the same page. And among Millennials, 7 out of 10 are likely to watch a company video when shopping online. A timeline can be an eye-catching presentation of your company’s history for your About Us page. What’s the story you tell when people ask how you started your business? Got an interesting story about how your business got its name?

TalEx began when two women left a major recruiting firm to build their own. TalEx has since seen unprecedented growth at 4,900% in the three years. The company’s about page captures this history and more. The about us page is pithy and leads with a cute bulldog — fitting the name and the brand.

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