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All submissions should be sent to We will consider a well thought out pitch if it shows you’ve done your research and understand our mission. We don’t accept articles that have been published elsewhere. Make sure that you submit only original and new content.

As mentioned previously, being a good writer is not easy. You have to be committed to your readers and the topics you write about. That can take a lot of your time and energy, yet this is far from the whole list on the writer`s agenda. This is why I started OutingVibe.com, a leading outdoor fitness website. As the owner of OutingVibe.com, I’m always looking for guest contributors.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Answering the question from the first paragraph let us talk about the issues of publishing. Linksmanagement is a great tool for writers to find the site to get published on. With its help, you can easily submit your writing without the long guidelines discussions with the editors. We offer 51.0 MOZ DA. We guarantee you that your guest post will permanently exist on your website. You ensure you two DoFollow Backlinks in the guest post. We guarantee our guest post writers that their post will be 100% indexed by the most popular search engine Google.

Bloggers must have a creative flair and a passion for the outdoors who can create interesting, informative, engaging and shareable community content. Blog posts should be accompanied by your own photography, the community’s imagery or photos that are appropriately sourced and credited. Blog posts must be exclusive to OAG, and cannot be published anywhere else. Bearfoot Theory receives over 500k page views per month and is a platform where you can share your knowledge, experience, and raise awareness for issues that you care about. In addition, when your article is published, we will share it in our newsletter with a link to your website, and we’ll tag you when we share the blog post on our social channels.

Join us as a Guest Post Writer at Fire Maple if you find our work interesting and think you can provide our readers with even more useful information. If you are a writer/author/ who has interest in outdoor and outdoor products, we are pleased to work with you. We would much rather high quality content that comes in less frequently that a flood of shallow, poor quality articles. Specific and intimate details about the trip with a set angle—no broad overviews about what to do, but real-time encounters. It has to be a special ‘top 10’ article for us to accept. We treat our business very seriously and publish only well written/researched content.

Or it could be a multimedia piece combining words, pictures, video, and voice. All our stories fall under News, Features, Gear and Travel- four main sections that capture the spirit of our magazine. Many of us have sought out pinnacles in search of something beyond the mediocrity of the masses that surround us. This is why we pursue the outdoors, an alternate lifestyle, adventure and the extreme. We are looking for that acme of achievement that has pushed us to be different. In India, where our roots lie, nature and the outdoors have always been symbolic of something much greater than the individual self.

We are now accepting guest post submissions from bloggers and adventurers interested in having their work featured on our blog. We aren’t quite sure how frequently we will be featuring guest posts, but we want to leave the door open for skilled writers and photographers to have their work featured on our site. Please note that we plan on only posting high quality stuff, so there is no guarantee that a given submission will be accepted. If you have an idea for articles on the topics mentioned above, we would love to hear from you.

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