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For example, content published in January would be paid in February. People interested in contributing to the guest post can contact the Hastebc team for any query. Every website developed its guidelines, and this portal has also set some guidelines that every writer needs to know before they start writing.

You will find every update on the world in this article. This article will keep you up-to-date with all the latest world news. Here are tips and tricks for well-known games, as well as answers to riddles and other technical information.


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It’s always hard to define culture as it encompasses a vast number of possibilities under it. Culture is also an evolving topic that changes with time as people adapt to various lifestyles and practices. If you’d like to become a Culturefly writer, please telling us a little bit about yourself and what area of the site interests you most. If you’re passionate about the arts, culture, tourism or heritage sectors, hungry to share that knowledge and have writing flair then drop us a line. We have a great team of friendly freelance writers from across the UK and we’re always on the lookout for more talent to enhance our growing website. You might already be a content freelancer, a talented student or a parent looking for a new opportunity.

In fact, we enjoy working with new and emerging writers. Before you write your article, we request that you send us through a few topic ideas. Ideally, your article should be accompanied by detailed photos or drawings to illustrate the work. Digital graphics are best, but prints and color transparencies that reproduce well are certainly accepted. Each photo must be labeled with 1) name and address of submitter, 2) name of person to credit photo , 3) title of accompanying article, and 4) detailed caption.

If there is a TIME CONSTRAINT to your article, please let us know so that the editors can process the article and publish it at the correct time. Health and Wellness 5 Tips To Help Foster Parents Enable Their Placement Child to Engage Re-engaging a foster child in life, school and social time is a task for… You are not permitted to provide readers with information that has no value. “Write For Us + Culture” proposal is for you if you consider yourself a fine writer and have an extensive understanding of the field. You will earn revenue for every article that is published. We want to shake up and transform America for the better.

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