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A garden or landscaping design can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, so it pays to get the garden brief right if you want to have a beautiful garden. Here, we are going to take a look at some of the factors to consider when writing the garden design brief. Get all the inspiration you need for planting cut flowers, and fill your home with colour and the gorgeous scent of the garden year-round withIn Bloom. Clare Nolan reveals her secrets for growing a bountiful harvest as well as styling spectacular homegrown displays in this beautifully designed book. Make use of fences and walls by planting upwards to maximise space and buy hanging baskets . In terms of paving, switch to gravel; it’s much more affordable.

Please keep in mind, we do not accept every article that you submit to us. As an experienced gardener & landscaper on my own property over the last 20 years, I’m excited to share the things I’ve learned along the way, as I continue to learn. As previously said, the garden designer will complete a large portion of the design brief on the initial visit and on the spot. They’ll have to ask you a few questions on this occasion as well, but it’ll be to make sure we don’t cause you any harm. In a small garden, boundary walls, fences or hedges may be the biggest element in view, so it’s really important for them to look good. They don’t have to all be the same but try to provide visual links between them.


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The last category we can accept is DIY or known as do it yourself. You can write for us in this category since we really need a lot of articles on this topic. Wanna be our guest poster under exterior design & decoration. Whenever you would like to improve your home and you have the idea to do that. You can send your guest post to our home improvement category. Many people make the mistake of having a single huge grass in the center of the yard, surrounded by flower beds and maybe trees and bushes around the perimeter.

If you need even more functionality, SketchUp Pro may be worth looking at, though at $695 it’s not aimed at beginners. Plan Your Garden is a free, simple garden design tool from Better Homes and Gardens. After a 20 second sign up process, you can drag-and-drop a rough, 3D plan of your garden. The free version enables you to design your outdoor space in both 2D and 3D, while taking quality screenshots of your finished design. Walls, decking, fences, and steps etc. can be added with the click of a button. If you’d rather edit an existing design though, you can customize one of the many free garden templates that are available.

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Ensure you use permeable surfaces to allow water to be released naturally into the ground. If you’re looking for smaller garden updates, we also share advice and styling tips on garden furniture, paving, lights, plants, borders, decking and more, to help you carve out an outdoor space you can really enjoy. At the end of the day we are able to conclude that we’ve provided everything you need to know aboutthe Landscaping Write For usthat bloggers can use when writing their articles. Our site is an excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge and spread the global reach.

Drawing on expert advice from the RHS, this best-selling reference book – organised by colour, size, and type, rather than as an A-Z directory – will help you select the right varieties for your outdoor space. Regardless, it’s a good idea to create a flow of movement from your home into the garden. ‘By ensuring your paving is the same level as your indoor flooring, you can blur the lines between the interior and the exterior of the property,’ adds Michael. Answer these questions and you’ll have a clear idea of exactly how you want your garden to work for you.

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