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Get in contact by sending an email to marketing @ gogetdeals dot co dot uk. The guest post will be evaluated in light of the criteria above, and the evaluation procedure could take a few hours to 24 hours. Responses will be prioritised during working days; weekends and legal holidays are exceptions. By submitting your guest post, you agreed that we will own the copyrights now and can change if we feel there is any need.

Her love for fashion was sparked from reading ELLE magazine and she has since been blogging about various other topics such as wellbeing, home improvement and dating. On her blog she earns from paid sponsorships and affiliate programs. With many freelancers in this field it is easier today to hire people for certain remote jobs like social media posting. On her blog she advises readers on getting healthy and sorting out everyday health challenges through exercise, healthy nutrition and more.

Where fashion blogs can be categorized by their particular topics they choose to blog about. Some fashion blogs look at news, fashion trends, what celebrities are wearing, particular items (i.e. shoes, handbags, and denim), street style and personal style. Meanwhile personal blogs which sometimes write about fashion come under the category of personal blog due to its more personable nature and the fact that it doesn’t focus on fashion specifically.


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All the items she uses in her posts can be purchased via her shop and she even sells preset packs for photos. Eleanor is a food writer whose mother happens to be the Sainsbury heiress. She has become a food advocate and you can find her mouth-watering food recipes and products on her personal blog under her brand name Deliciously Ella. The blog is more like a shop, featuring her food products and an app giving access to all her plant-based recipes, exercise videos, guided meditations, podcasts and much more. Below are Google search queries to help you find more guest posting opportunities.

Vikki is a Social Media & Content Executive and lifestyle blogger based in Milton Keynes and writes about many topics on her blog, but she tries to focus on places around her home in England. She discusses vintage furniture and house refurbishment, baking, shopping, and so much more fun stuff. She disclaims that she accepts products for reviews, sponsored posts and advertisements and that she offers a media pack for more information about collaborations with her. Amanda shares tips and ideas regarding interiors, photography, fashion, beauty, travel a love for life! She is also the co-founder of the collaborative travel blog “We Blog Travel”.

Beast Beauty is always looking for guest posts writers to contribute fresh content with guest posts. If you’re interested in being featured, please click on the link above to apply. Sonu Singh is an enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert at 4SEOHELP. He is digitally savvy and loves to learn new things about the world of digital technology. He prefers to share useful information such as SEO, WordPress, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing etc. His provided knowledge helps the business people, developers, designers, and bloggers to stay ahead in the digital competition.

He personally writes articles on his blog on how to keep fit for fans and players alike. He is also an author and DJ and does podcasts, which can be streamed as well as his songs. We reserve the right to add any internal links, or external links to your blog. But we guarantee your client link/your link to be permanently present in the blog. Regarding post-paid payments, you should make the payment within three working days from the blog having been published to avoid the link removal.

So you have to follow few instruction during the finding guest post sites related to your niche. Coming years guest blogging is best practices and best place to find the quality of links for the post. There are lots of means to getting however doing properly benefits your website and in addition to the search engines where your site has actually been placing. So also remember that doing the poor backlinks will certainly hurt your website. Below visitor blog writing is an additional great ways to get bestback linkswith excellent partnership with the website admin. Via the visitor blog post you can get excellent quality back links and far better position in the internet search engine.

Readers will get to know your website, and you’ll get traffic from a backlink. Start your material strong when you write for us or on your blog so the reader will dive right in. You need to know the field in which you’ll write your content. Good industry experience will result in excellent technical word selection. The article should have proper headings (h2+h3), including bullets and numbers. Make sure to break down the paragraph to make it easier to read.

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