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While Adelaide drives the family away in the ambulance, she thinks back to the night she first met Red in the hall of mirrors. Jason looks at his mother, who smiles at him. Red tells Adelaide that “the Tethered” are actually genetic clones created by the government to control the originals on the surface. When the experiment failed, the Tethered were abandoned underground for generations, mindlessly mimicking the actions of their counterparts and surviving on rabbit meat. If you’re looking for the next great TV show, then why not join a website dedicated to TV series?

Despite my indecisive feelings of the film’s story, many pieces of the film were exceptionally well done. One aspect that stood out in Us was the soundtrack and the usage of music. I think the original soundtrack was memorable and used appropriately to accentuate the feeling of horror at some points in the film. On the flip side, the soundtrack was used to perfectly contrast what was going on onscreen. This led to some great sequences that utilized the soundtrack in an interesting way. Another part of the film that I really enjoyed was Lupita Nyong’o and the child actors’ performances.


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