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Come write for us and join some of the most talented film writers you’ll read anywhere. Short film reviews and longer features welcome. We accept movie reviews with a single letter grade score. In your review pick a few specific areas of the film to analyze. Check out Hereditary, I Can Only Imagine, and The Green Pastures for good examples.

If you share this enthusiasm and want to get your voice heard, now’s your chance. TV Writer – Delivering the news stories, articles, essays, latest trailers as well as the reviews. We can get the latest box sets, or tickets to TV related events but you must have access to such channels as Sky Atlantic, Fox, etc. to review the latest episodes. We are always looking for new articles and new authors. If you feel a subject is important or needs better explanation, then we probably do, too.


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Decide whether your review contains enough details about the movie. You may need to go back and add more description here and there to give readers a better sense of what the movie’s about. If you feel you must discuss information that might “spoil” things for readers, warn them first. Give a clear, well-established opinion early on.

We want the strangest recommendation lists you can conjure, a recurring column that only you could write, fresh-take retrospectives that will leave fans desperately clicking for more. We want your joy, your appreciation, and your undying love of this genre. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with blogging or writing online, we can help and handle all the formatting and uploading for you. FilmSpell has the perpetual right to publish and use the content on any of our current or future media platforms, including commercial purposes, unless arrangements are made in advance.

Well-researched, fact-driven, and related to best lists of foreign, Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies. Ready Steady Cut is one of the web’s fastest-growing entertainment sites, especially in the streaming platforms arena. Our mission statement is to keep on growing and making our readers aware of the best streaming content. Lastly, when you have written a couple of articles for us, we will open the doors to paid opportunities as well. Keep your passion alive, become one of us and your efforts will be rewarded in time. Cinema Escapist has dedicated community of volunteer staff members who get access to advance screeners, exclusive filmmaker interviews, and other incentives.

Here at the Ultimate Action Movie Club, we pride ourselves on being open to anyone who loves a good action flick. Especially if it’s one on VHS and watched with friends. We also love to talk about ultimate action movies almost as much as watching them. Does that sound like you or someone you know and love? The major perk is to be part of a growing platform that grows its audience on a weekly/monthly basis.

We also provide press access to events and screenings and advanced review copies for our critics. Another perk (for the film/TV writers) is that you will be able to join our weekly podcast and voice your Film & TV commentary audibly (which is fun!). We are currently looking for feature writers in particular – we are not looking for people who are exclusively interested in reviewing films, and listicles are a hard pass. Not all theatrical releases are made available to us before they hit the cineplex.

Hitmoviedialogues.in invites you to write about your favorite films, stars or anything that relates to Bollywood. We also accept any types guest post, article, which are related to any business, services like travel, crypto-currency, News & Media, Lifestyle, Arts & Entertainment and more. Write for us to share your expertise, tell our audience about your business proposition and improve the authority and web presence of your website. The raindance blog covers a wide range of topics from how to make a film to how you get it financed and seen. We also understand the emotional rollercoaster a filmmaker or screenwriter faces. Whether it is coping with writers block or juggling personal life with one’s creative ambitions you will find useful and inspiring articles here.

Also, by having a content breakdown of R movies, parents can articulate why a particular film fails to meet the family standard. Beyond observing a “label,” this reinforces moral boundaries for adolescents. We are happy to advertise your film related company or products at affordable prices.

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