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As an author or contributor, you will get a chance to connect with a new audience. Copyright Images – We do not allow the use of copyright images in your content. We highly request you to create your own custom image. The content will be distributed to our blog’s readers. To expand the post’s audience, we run email marketing.


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These website templates can be installed and customized in minutes. There are several paid tools to check your about page responsiveness. But if you prefer free tools, the responsive design checker is an excellent option for testing the appearance of your about us page on 26 screen sizes. Additionally, you want to make sure your font is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This ensures all your visitors have a rich experience when going through your about page. Consider naming your most successful clients and linking to a case study.

But you don’t need to wait for an idea that will redefine web design. Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that’s keeping you up at night. We are ideally looking for tutorials, articles, and guides on topics related to design and development. Keep our core readership of professionals in multiple creative disciplines in mind. If your piece focuses on one discipline—say, type design or photography—consider what people from other fields can learn from it, and how you might appeal to those readers. Explain, for example, how to constructively criticize your co-workers, how to build your own brand or strategies for presenting your work to clients.

Bring up an issue that is pertinent to our collection of design blogs. Choose our versatile platform to experience the best guesting services. Present, for example, online learning options, outlets for selling your illustration and photography online, web designers to watch or brands getting social media right. Guest posting is writing and publishing an article on someone else blog or website.

(That’s right, no trial here.) Just add a site plan for more pages, and a custom domain when you’re ready for the world. You must have the right to use any image you include, and each image should include a caption. Make sure your graphics included actually support your point, and aren’t just there for decoration. Take this opportunity to let thousands of people see your article, knowledge, and writing skills. Is well structured so readers can easily glean information. If you don’t hear anything from us, it probably means the pitch was just not the right fit.

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