What we thought our Apocalypse Outfit would be vs How It is

To find the outfits in Chapter 4, you must sell Groot to Lady Hellbender. Selling Rocket triggers a different scenario that’ll keep you from sneaking around her palace after dark. If you jump right into Chapter 4 from the main menu, you’ll automatically sell Groot. There are two outfits to find during Guardians of the Galaxy’s opening chapter.

You’ll shimmy along a wall and find the entrance to a cave. Groot’s Five O’Clock Sprouts outfit is down a path to the right once you enter the cave. After fighting off all the enemies in the donut-shaped brain matter area, you’ll eventually find a pillar that Drax can pick up and move. Place it where you’re supposed to and climb up to the catwalk.

Plug the holes with your Ice Shot then turn to the right to find the chest tucked behind a wall. After fighting the two beasts , you will see a craggy wall on the right side of the exit. Jump over to the next ledge and you will find the chest.

Use the ice element to make the fumes stop so the cavern can be entered. There is a platform in this area, which can be moved by Groot. On top there is a ledge were Peter must balance along to reach the Hero of Halfworld costume. So, make the platforms and jump across them to reach a secret area behind a crevice. Plenty of resources are in there as well as the second spawn point for the outfit. At one point in the level, you need to melt some ice in the ceiling of a cave.

After collecting the previous collectible, climb up the mountain wall on the left side. Then turn right to find the Guardian Collectible on the ground as shown below. The common denominator in all my cultures, including does every flight have a marshall my unhyphenated Americanness is respect. People can hide anger, fake kindness, but respect demands more; respect for the opinions and experiences of others. But for this pleasure, I paid with negative self-talk.

With things like climate change looming, end-of-the-world stories just got a lot scarier. The heroes will now discuss the sounds they hear and once Star-Lord makes a choice, the cave conjures these creatures and a fight begins. The enemies here can vary from Voxiplodes to Chitauri. Once the beasts are slain, the fog will draw back and open an exit.

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