What to Wear in Puerto Rico Packing List

Planning your trip to Puerto Rico and looking for places to stay in San Juan? Learn about the top 3 neighbourhoods and recommendations for where to book. Image via Flickr by andrenunezWhen hiking throughout Puerto Rico, you will feel the heat and work up a sweat. Shorts would be the ideal wardrobe option for both men and women. We’d suggest that you choose breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. For your shirt, special moisture-absorbing singlets and tops are designed for hiking.

For the face, this Japanese brand is my hands down favorite – it’s non greasy, affordable and non-tacky without any scent. For the body, I love this broad spectrum sunscreen which smells like coconuts and leaves your legs nice and glowey. My go-to stores for bathing suits are Revolve, Nordstrom, Everything But Water, Abercrombie and Shopbop. They always carry the best range of colors and styles in every price range.

Mosquitoes are super annoying and can also carry diseases. There are many mosquito-repelling options available, including mosquito wristbands and DEET sprays. If you are an international traveler, get a credit card that has no international transaction fees. Trusted Housesitters – Save money on travel accommodation by becoming a housesitter.

There are plenty of places to go at night and locals dress nice, still casual, but nice. A light dress for the ladies and a polo shirt and jeans for the guys will work fine. The only people you see in flip-flops and beach apparel anywhere at the coast are tourists. We locals only use flip-flops where there is sand, so only on the beach. We do use sandals and other casual-sport footwear, most of us like to look nice at all times. Practical clothing might include a bikini under shorts or summer pants.

Keep this in mind and if you are coming in the cooler months, pack things that will keep you warm at night. No need to bring a coat or jeans, but a thin sweater or lightweight trousers are a good option for dinner. If you’re going to be going to the beach and exploring the cities, you’ll either want a backpack or a wheeled backpack for your luggage. Small carabinersCarabiners are an alarmingly helpful thing to have with you.

RaincoatYou are in the rainforest for a day in El Yunque and it is almost guaranteed that it will rain either while you’re visiting or within a few hours. A raincoat is an absolute must-bring item for any Puerto Rico packing list. I’ve raved about this Marmot coat before and it did its job as we hiked through a downpour in El Yunque.

A lightweight day sack or beach bag will come in handy to carry your sightseeing essentials. We all know that the pandemic has significantly changed the way we travel. By extension, the items we prioritize in our luggage have changed as well.

Another good idea is to bring along a pool or tote bag for your many visits to the beach. This is a great option because you’ll be doing a great deal of walking, and a backpack will stop your shoulder from hurting. Another thing that you’ll need to state trooper nc salary think about before your visit to Puerto Rico is what kind of bags you’d like to take with you. Make sure that the ones you bring are sturdy enough for swimming in the ocean, so that you don’t accidentally lose a bikini top whilst you’re out there.

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