What Is The Denman Brush? Learn About The Popular Tool For Curly Hair

The more rows of pins, such as the D4 with nine rows, will create tighter curls, but fewer rows of pins, such as the D14 Mini Styler with 5 rows, will produce looser curls. You can always start with the infamous D3 Original Styler. It’s the most versatile brush and can be used on all hair types! However, there are several hairstyles with bucket hats other versions with different number of rows. In addition, the Denman brush’s weight, shape, and durable yet flexible nylon pins provide just enough tension to create curls with ease. The Denman brush is less likely to cause breakage than traditional hairbrushes, making it a safer option for those with delicate curls.

They’re credited often with giving your hair that extra curl definition you’re looking for. I wouldn’t suggest using this for the initial detangling part after you’ve washed your hair. Because the teeth are so rigid, it will tear through knots if you aren’t gentle with it, and curly/coily hair can be quite delicate in the first place. I use a wide tooth comb or a specific shower detangler to initially detangle my hair before applying product and brushing through with the Denman D3 in small sections.

Remember the secret trick we spoke about above? That’s your key to having a long-lasting Denman. To clean it properly to can pop out the cushion and pull out each row of teeth to wash them in warm water. This will remove product build up, hair and anything else lurking in there. Leave it to dry before putting it back together and your brush will honestly last you for years. D41 large has 9rows have fewer teeth further apart which is suitable for detangling curls.

This medium sized hair brush is ideal for both men and women and comes with nylon bristles that reduce the corrosion to hair shafts, keeping your hair soft and smooth. There are 7 rows of nylon bristles in this brush making sure your hair gets extra polish each time you brush. If you want a lot of small, springy curls all over your head, start scrunching everywhere. Flip your head over, and scrunch the layers in the back of your head.

The widely-spaced, flexible bristles allow the hair to move through slowly, preventing breakage and fallout. Because it doesn’t tug at the hair too much, tighter curl patterns are left intact, too. Great for creating curl definition, the Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row tops our list. He needed a new brush and is very selective about his hair products/ routine.

I honestly love them both brushes for different reasons. You can also remove every other row in the brush depending on what look you are trying to achieve. I created a detailed video on how to use the Denman brush on my Instagram account and it is by far my most-watched video to date.

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