What is stag and vixen sex and how is it different from cuckolding?

A Hotwife is a wife that has sexual relations with men outside of her marriage with the knowledge of her husband. This is a privately funded by us the couple, in this true story and much material has already been gathered. We have decided for the sake of our children to remain anonymous for the moment.

With Stag/vixen there is little similarity to cuckholding, where the man is submissive and often subjected to taunting and humiliation from his dominant female partner while, or after, she has sex with another man. These insults allude to the fact that in some cuckhold scenarios there’s an element of ritualized humiliation, submissiveness, jealousy or denial that comes into play. The Bull, the wife or both dominate the encounter and the cuckold gets his sexual thrill from the masochistic shame and humiliation. These guys get their rocks off watching their wife or girlfriend having sex with other dudes. The Vixen, or, as they are known in some circles, Hotwife, has sex with the encouragement of her husband or boyfriend with the Bull (that’s the guy who is servicing her).

But now there’s another sex craze, referred to as ‘stags and vixens’, which also involves watching your partner have sex with another person. Generally speaking that’s a female partner having sex with other men. A couple in which the man shares his woman with other men for erotic NSA encounters, yet the husband is straight hetero alpha and not seeking bi play nor humiliation and the woman does not demean or sissify her man. Stag vixen is the other variant of the hotwifing lifestyle. how do you get playlists on tiktok is an online store offering Adult Body Jewelry and intimate products such as Sexy Body Jewelry, Sexy G-strings, hotwife ankle jewelry, vixen hotwife anklet. Our adult piercing jewelry is specially designed for intimate piercing.

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Totally NOT what you think it is – this is all about – enjoying sex-charged daily living, using the bodies natural chemical charges and reusing them time and time again. Women become younger looking Vixens and men become more dynamic Stags. Until either of you wake up the next day and are pissing razor blades or itchy down there.

So, if you’ve decided to do something exciting for the New Year, this could be just what you’re after. We offer some hints and tips and also explore some of our own journeys too. The holiday season was rapidly approaching and I had now been seeing two regular Bulls for a couple of months.

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