What is an inside-out swing in baseball?

BUT… when you strip away the pre-pitch rhythm, the leg kicks and all of the other movement that is personal preference, you find that they are a lot alike. If that number isn’t the result of a beautiful swing, then I don’t know what is. Given how he doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down, we’ll be seeing his swing for a long time.

At the end of the day, too often the phrase “short to the ball” is simply used to describe hitters who can hit. Similarly, the phrase “long swing” is used to describe hitters who can’t hit. That should lead us to take a closer look at what we mean when we use phrases like “short to the ball” and “long swing.” They don’t reflect what actually happens in the swings of complete hitters; hitters who can hit for BOTH power AND average. How to Build an Approach There is a transition in every softball player’s career. One that takes them from being a swinger to a hitter.

Below I used Judge again, so we’re looking at the same guy’s swing just with the pivot at a different time and the press in a different direction. Can you see the same relationship between the shoulders and the barrel with Judge as you see with the guy bench pressing ? First, three of the other teams best defensive players SS, 2B and CF play in the middle of the field. I don’t want them touching the ball if I can help it. I can’t argue the logic, and for 2 or 3 years. While I loved the fact that my guys and girls were hitting the ball harder than ever.

Even though his Seattle Mariners eliminated my beloved New York Yankees in the 1995 playoffs, I’m not ashamed to say that I was happy for my favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr. The man was just the epitome of cool among baseball players in the 1990s, and kids everywhere wanted to be him. In my case, I taught myself how to bat left-handed just so I could imitate his beautiful home run swing. Yet, within this stance was a nasty swing that Musial rode all the way to the Hall of Fame.

Looking at his front arm he too has some elbow flexion like Miggy, (his chicken wing isn’t as dramatic, but his limbs are way smaller). If we look at the side angle, we can see some similarities to Miggy. The back elbow drives tightly amongst rear oblique. We can see in this video that his front leg comes up off of the ground. This causes him to kickback or scissor with the back leg. First off, this pitch is a ball, and it’s not close.

Simply put, with his tight swing that lets him slap the ball to any part of the field, Ichiro is a force to be reckoned with. He’s only been in the majors for 11 years, but he has a .326 lifetime batting average to go with 423 steals and 2,428 career hits. Swinging the handle is a teaching style that encourages players not to focus on moving the club head but rather the grip and forearms on the backswing. Teaching instructors who advocate swinging the handle say that players often fall into trouble when trying to control the club face with the hands. You might have felt this way if you ever get overzealous with your right hand and hit a nasty hook. If you watch a 13-year-old with 4 years of hitting “instruction,” what does he do?

Let me briefly elaborate because I’m sure many of you reading this just scratched your head in confusion. If you’re wondering why hitting the ball up the middle would be bad. I can explain it in two fairly simple reasons. And keep your eye on the wiffle strike zone ball to determine the perfect moment to make contact in the hitting zone and send the ball out into the right side of the field (for right-handed players). Hold the bat up in a swing-ready position as you wait for the pitcher to throw the ball.

This move is often very subtle, but feels very significant from the player’s perspective. A lot of times, a change like this, made to the golf swing, feels incredibly awkward and ineffective at first because it is outside the player’s natural comfort zone. Driving the baseball means hitting it with AUTHORITY. The harder the ball comes off of your bat, the less reaction time the fielders will have and the more likely you are to reach base. “I think he still has a lot of baseball left in him,” Molitor said. “At that time, he already had a ton of confidence in that swing,” Masse said.

Ultimately, he would finish his 21-year career with a .305 lifetime average to go with 3,154 hits and 317 home runs. In the end, he rode that beautiful swing all the way to becoming a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I don’t care about all the haters he has, his recent injury history or the fact that he’s the most overpaid player in baseball. The fact remains that Alex Rodriguez is going to end his career as the all-time leader in home runs.

There is a lot of information here for coaches. We start by giving them basic info, then in the ensuing days/weeks sprinkle in additional thoughts bit by bit. Assumes the kid you are working with have a rudimentary understanding of their swing and/or demonstrated the ability to contact good pitches a high percentage of the time.

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