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In addition to RCS, there can be other reasons if your read receipt states sent as SMS via server. Please read the article to understand all the points that have been discussed below. It happens because when the RCS is used in the Samsung smartphone, it doesn’t send the messages directly.

Many Android mobile users hate the changes in the notification format. Having familiarized themselves with certain receipt messages, like ‘sent’, ‘received’, and ‘delivered’, it seems silly to change the status quo. Of all the questions posted about the said message receipt since Google added RCS to their Android Messages app, this is the most common. Some users quickly surmise that they’ve been blocked by the recipient when they see the “Sent as SMS via server” message for the first time.

Sending a message to someone who has blocked you, there’s not much you can do. The recipient will need to unblock you to receive your messages. This process can help resolve sent as an SMS via server error and speed up your Android by removing temporary files and data that are no longer needed. This is because servers are connected to different networks and can ensure that your communication is delivered with speed and reliability. While SMS and MMS are both methods of communication that use the cell phone network, they differ in a few key ways.

Once your phone has turned back on, you will have to unlock your phone and then you can once again try and get back to sending messages. Normally, iMessage appears on an iPhone user’s messaging app in blue bubbles, so they will know that you do not have an iPhone and that the message was not sent using iMessage. However, this message appearing by your text really does not alter anything as the message will still be sent through and delivered on both ends. Obviously, users weren’t very keen on losing their read receipts. Here are some user complaints spread across the internet ever since RCS took over. Although the specific reason for the message is unknown, many people are suggesting it is because of some problem or error on the receipt’s side.

Another option for sending texts from your computer is Google Voice. With Google Voice, you can send free texts to U.S. numbers if you have a Gmail account. You can also receive texts on your computer and respond by typing out your reply or using voice-to-text transcription services offered by Google Voice. You might also be getting the message saying that your text was sent as SMS via server if you are using another messaging motorola droid wallpaper app to send your text and the app you are using is not compatible with RCS. This is because, enabled on one of the devices but not the other, the text will automatically revert back to being sent through the SMS messaging service rather than the RCS messaging service. You can disable the “Show when delivered” option in your Samsung device to stop the “Sent as SMS via Server” receipt and get the usual text receipts back.

Maybe you have a contentious relationship with an ex or there’s somebody else you are not getting along with. Regardless of the reason why you might think you’ve been blocked, it’s fairly easy to check. The way to ensure that you can send and receive RCS messages is to enable it on both of your phones. Once you have both devices enabled, messages should work as they should.

Rich Communication Services have been around since 2007 but haven’t been widely adopted until recently. In 2018, Google started working with cell phone carriers to support this protocol, and two years later, they included the RCS chat via its Android Messages app. RCS is not yet available on iPhones though, as Apple remains resistant to supporting it on their devices in favor of their iMessage app. When you wipe the cache partition on your Android device, it will remove any temporary files causing problems with the device. This can be a helpful way to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your phone. Once you’ve enabled the option, you’ll see a checkmark next to any messages that have been delivered.

The first commercially sold SMS service was offered to consumers, as a person-to-person text messaging service by Radiolinja in Finland in 1993. According to Matti Makkonen, an engineer at Nokia at the time, the Nokia 2010, which was released in January 1994, was the first mobile phone to support composing SMSes easily. Short Message/Messaging Service, commonly abbreviated as SMS, is a text messaging service component of most telephone, Internet and mobile device systems.

If you are unsure how to turn off your device, look it up and you will be met with plenty of information on how to turn off the phone you are using. You should now see the option to enable Messaging Delivery Reports, or something similar to that. This is why when you send a message to someone, the text says that is was sent as SMS via server.

Next, the message is delivered to the intended recipient with attempts from the server. This can be quite a tedious fix because it needs you to contact the person you are sending the message to also go through the process. If you have the “Sent as SMS via server” message on your phone, this article is for you. We will explain what this message means, why you are getting it, and how to disable it.

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