Virgin River: 6 Questions We Hope Season 5 Will Answer

“What on earth would these two be up to? Big day shooting in the Canadian woods #virginriver #jacksheridan #badboybrady,” Henderson captioned the post. As for what we can expect, Breckenridge said that she thinks “this season has started out well, and we’re getting into a few episodes soon that are pretty heavy. Virgin River fans still have a long wait until the show returns to Netflix for Season 5, but with production currently underway in Vancouver, behind-the-scenes photos are offering a glimpse at the small-town drama to come. “I don’t know what [Mel’s life without the clinic] going to look like. I don’t know what Mel is going to do. She loves her job. She loves caring for people, and I imagine that stepping away from that is going to be very difficult for her.”

Per Variety, the show’s mighty enough to knock “Stranger Things” from the top of the streaming charts. Mark Ghanimé, who joined the cast in season 4 as Dr. Cameron Hayek, shared a screenshot of a meeting for the season 5 read-through, and it looks like all the major stars are in attendance. Given that seasons 3 and 4 were both released in July of their respective years, it is reasonable to assume that season 5 will also have a July release date set. Virgin River is undoubtedly the best series for Netflix that consistently generates a significant number of views for the OTT platform. Virgin River, which is quite one of the big hits on Netflix, made its Netflix debut in December 2019. The romantic drama starring Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence, and Jenny Cooper is a hit with viewers all over the world.

A young stranger checks in at Fitch’s, looking for his grandfather, who he claims is Doc Mullins. Doc is exhausted from being at the hospital, and Muriel visits him there. The cops find a gun in Brady’s Jeep, and he is arrested on suspicion of Jack’s attempted murder.

Yes, he does — and fans will be thrilled with this nugget of information. Throughout season four, Hope was recovering from a horrendous car accident that left her in recovery for a large chunk of the series, putting a strain on her relationship with Doc as she refused to follow orders for her recovery. Seasons one and two dropped in November 2019 and December 2020 respectively, but for seasons three and four it was bumped up to a summer release, dropping in July 2021 and 2022.

“I was told who it was supposed to be in the writer’s minds, but I haven’t seen it written,” he teased to Glamour. “One thing I know around here is you can’t count your chickens until they’re hatched in terms of plot lines. Nick has always seemed like the most normal of the townsfolk on the show, and didn’t even appear to really participate in any of the gossip that tends to go around.

That means it’s set to have at least one more block of episodes before the cancelation bear gets another chance to nip at its heels. What’s in store for fans of the program as it rolls into its fifth iteration? No other show packs as much drama, intrigue, and romance into one season as the Netflix hit. If you’ve already made it through the new season (we have!), you’re likely wondering when the next installment will debut. As the drama starts to heat up, Virgin River could start to delve further into Jack and Preacher’s history as Marines before settling in the small California town.

Season 5 ofVirgin River started production in July shortly before Season 4 dropped on Netflix. The official Virgin River Instagram account posted a screen grab from the cast’s virtual table read on July 18, how to claim business page on facebook announcing that things had started rolling on Season 5. Since then, the account has been actively posting behind-the-scenes looks on location in British Columbia where shooting is currently taking place.

In another instance, viewers got a glimpse of an intense season 5 scene. In the clip, Martin, Tim and director Martin Wood gather on the porch of Virgin River’s resident doctor’s office to go over their scene before shooting. Jack has definitely got some things he needs to confront, with his PTSD from his time at war still weighing heavy on his mind. He’s ultimately turned to drinking, and while Mel has made her worries known, he didn’t seem to want to accept help – until he finally found a therapist that could prove just what he needs. Thanks to the tell-tale screengrab of the Zoom meeting, we know exactly who will be returning to the series, at least in the first episode.

They’ll have to wait until season five rolls around to find out for sure. Meanwhile, 347 opted for other characters to leave the show in the fifth run. 261 readers think Paige will make a permanent exit in season five, which equates to 13 percent of the votes. Elsewhere, Denny Cutler was another name tipped to leave, although only 273 readers think he’ll depart. Cameron was just behind Vince in the poll with 387 readers thinking he will leave, equal to 20 percent of those who voted. However, he’s not the only man readers think could bow out of the series as he’s closely followed by Dr Cameron Hayek .

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