Types of Native American Kachina Dolls

A Hopi Indian doll carved from cottonwood root in representation of a kachina and given as a gift to a child or used as a household decoration. Have you ever thought about how much your kachina doll was worth? Not to worry, you will learn how to determine the value of your kachina doll in this section. The value of your Kachina dolls depends on a variety of factors, including the doll’s type, condition, history, rarity, age, and size. Feathers from protected species, such as the eagle, were banned from use in the production of kachina dolls and other ornaments in the 1970s.

In addition, he is a favorite subject for the carving of Kachina Dolls or thew painting of pictures. He may act as a prompter in a dance or be found making odd little bows and taking small mincing steps at the edge of a procession. A great deal of the time he has trouble with Ho-e when they appear in the same dance. Any of numerous deified ancestral spirits of the Pueblo peoples, believed to reside in the pueblo for part of each year. The Zuni believe that the kachinas live in the Lake of the Dead, a mythical lake which is reached through Listening Spring Lake.

When you purchase something online today, you never know if the company will still be there, next week or next month. The design and quality of our Silver and Turquoise jewelry are unmatched and stand far above the rest. Turquoise conveys a special meaning as it has for centuries and in populations across the globe. With masterful techniques, our artisans incorporate this semi-precious stone into beautiful and intricate designs, drawing customers from around the world. Black Ogre Kachina Doll – With his beady eyes and large mouth, the Black Ogre (Nata-aska) comes to the dances whipping his saw to scare the children.

These dolls are given to children and are not meant for playing but are to be used as an educational tool for children. The neck ornamentation is either painted or jewelled with metal or other materials. They also use animal feathers or fur to embellish the doll.

Priest Killer – He is referred to by the non-Hopi people as the Priest Killer because he carried out the beheading of the priest during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The pueblo Indians of New Mexico and Arizona revolted against the Catholic Church in order to retain and have disney princess royal collection the freedom of practicing their own religion. Snow – Brings snow and cold weather essential to the growth of crops. Wolf – Hunter, uses his knowledge to find and capture game animals. Hemis – A beautiful Kachina which represents happiness of a successful harvest.

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