Types and colors of turquoise used in Native American Indian Jewelry

Refer to section AA for an explanatory note regarding lot sizes. Where the seed is being imported for conditioning or for research purposes , the seed analysis certificates do not need to include information on the percent germination. The lot designations on the SACs must correspond to the lot designations of the seed being imported.

Additionally, where a sale is deemed to have occurred then the seed must be correctly labelled prior to import. This would include proper grading and application of official tags/labels as per requirements of sections 13, 15 to 19, 21, 23 to 31, and 34. See the CFIA website for more information on importing seed by authorized importers to other locations.

Even though the classic style has changed in some ways, our clientele agrees that modern and low quality manufactured silver jewelry shouldn’t replace purely handmade, high quality, sturdy, solid silver jewelry. The Zuni believe blue turquoise is male and of the sky and green turquoise is female and of the earth. Cripple Creek Green and blue with brown matrix; by-product of gold mining. Artificial or Imitation Turquoise – There are a number of manufactured turquoise products, some of which look like real stone and others that look like plastic.

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The Damele mine is small and its turquoise is of a rare color making it a very collectible turquoise. Crow Springs is known for stone having light green color with a bright red matrix . Crow Springs turquoise occurs in veins ranging from paper-thin to nearly half an inch thick. Blue Ridge Also called the Orvil Jack Mine after the miner who discovered and developed it. At first Jack mined only for the bright blue turquoise and discarded the green stones.

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