Top 10 luxury packaging ideas and inspiration

And while the product may be of five-star quality, packaging that does not match these standards may disappoint the customer and discourage them from buying from you again. Creating a superior experience for the customer from start to finish upholds the impression of quality, and luxury box packaging helps to further justify the price point. Offer your customers that and more, and they will be less likely to consider the more affordable option. If luxury brands can make the effort to reduce their environmental impact, then there’s no reason for anybody else to not make the change.

Get in-stock cartons and creative packaging solutions for holiday celebrations, special occasions, and more. In order to achieve this, you just need to design these packages according to your own preferences. These packages will not run you out of money since they will display your products with grace, enhance their protection and make them the center of attention of anyone. As a result, you will be able to enjoy all of the advantages of luxury packaging at an affordable price.

Some recent examples include Francesca Gotti’s perfume encased within a recycled fibreglass material named Glebanite. Or perhaps Nike Space Hippie, designed with a circular mindset, knitted from “space waste yarn”, which is a 100% recycled material. With an innovative high-end packaging provider, you can incorporate a variety of ink, varnish and coating combinations that can create a truly unique look and feel. Intricate embossing on fine filigree patternDecking out your packaging is a sure way to transform it into an innovative luxury item.

You provide feedback, hone your favorites and choose a winner. PET bottle for 355ml Collagen Drink Challenge was in PET bottle creation for beauty drink.

This bold statement not only serves to highlight the incredible health benefits of the product, but also the meticulous way its precious ingredients are sourced and blended. But not every luxury brand is going big and cuisinart tea infuser bold, as some opt for a more minimalist approach. Whether that’s a sensitive response to difficult economic times or a recognition of our frazzled souls, essentialism is definitely on the rise in packaging design.

Here’s how high end packaging can help you attract and retain loyal customers. DesignerPeople believes luxury product packaging should have minimalistic designing focusing majorly on brand logo and tagline. Imagine a handbag of Louis Vuitton they are remarkably simple, just one black colour and an elegantly printed logo is enough to gain customer attention.

With an economic crisis looming, consumers are undoubtedly watching the pennies. It’s this sense of control over our purchase choices that Ed believes is driving this next luxury packaging trend. Informatism is about the design revealing all the lab details, providing every bit of data, numbers and diagrams. Often text-heavy and informative, these designs describe the experiments and spell out the hypothesis.

History & Team →Oliver combines more than 250 years of experience to deliver printing and packaging solutions across industries. We feature the latest technologies, an emphasis on sustainability, and a customer-first service approach. These fantastic design options will allow you to give your luxury rigid boxes a magnificent appearance. It is the most effective way to manifest your vision into a tangible packaging solution that will meet your needs.

The client wanted it to be luxurious and minimalistic at the same time. Tube packaging for premium body cream Customer wanted to have a luxury, sophisticated and beauty packaging for a range of skincare. Matte surfaces with gold and additional UVlayer will give this premium feeling to owner. Of course, you only know this when testing your packaging in the real world, but you do this right? We find many brands are not aware of package design testing, and believe focus groups are the primary means of data collection. This article shows you why high end packaging can be a purchase driver for almost every CPG category.

One of the major differentiators between standard and luxury packaging is the degree of interaction required. High-end products take customers on a journey and relish their experience. Hence make sure your packaging is distinct and creative when your brand is elite. Sixty-one percent of consumers are far more likely to repeat the purchase of a product that comes with premium packaging. In recent years, demand for specific types of luxury packaging has grown, especially eco-friendly packaging materials. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their dollar’s environmental impact and seek out conscious brands with a like-minded vision.

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