Toner Turned My Hair Blue-Purple! Is it serious? How can I fix it?

It’ll give you a chance to try one (or a few!) tones before committing to a specific look with major upkeep. The most popular blue shade that Lee’s clients ask for? Deep, royal-blue tones with tons of dimension, like this ombré color.

There are lots of ways to recreate curls without resorting to heated tools, but straight hair isn’t so easily achieved. Rock your natural waves for a while, your colorful hair will love you for it. The good news with hairstyles like these is that they can be customized to completely suit you. If you don’t want quite so much color, leave more blonde at the top, and add the blues and purples to just the ends of the hair.

If you’ve always wanted to wear a rainbow but can’t quite commit, give unicorn hair a shot. Start your whimsical hair color journey with a single pop of color hidden somewhere in your hair. Accentuate the texture of your curls by using different shades is chlorophyll good for hair of purple. You can distribute the shades chaotically, and still, they will look elegant. If you’re an artist or just a passionate personality, this could be your everyday hairstyle. If not, try it out for parties, weddings, or other special occasions.

Once your products are thoroughly mixed, apply the mixture from the roots to the ends while wearing gloves. If you’re thinking of trying colorful hair, read this first. So, if you are considering dying your hair this color, check out this tutorial to see exactly how it looks. Blue hair can look completely different depending on hair length — it tends to lean edgy on short hair and glam on long hair. Technically, ombre implies a softer transition of shades. But a more defined border looks more artistic and allows you to balance out the proportions of your face.

The violet at the top flows into a subtle indigo towards the ends. If you are going through an experimental or rebellious phase in your life right now, I would recommend you go for this hair look. This deep blue and ultraviolet color blend is most certainly on my list. The color blend, along with the layers, makes for a stunning hair look.

Not to worry—there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you maintain your hair’s beautiful blue color. My beautician colored my hair and my roots have a red Nd lighter than my color. Whe used a color of 7NnA , i haVe some red she was trying to cover with the ash in 7NnA+. Tne color was okay for ends but scalp,color waz redish At the roots.

My favorite way to wear this hair color is with beach waves and a generous spritz of texture spray for the full mermaid vibe. Your hair is made up of protein so in order for it to be as bold and bright as you want, you’ll need to make sure your locks are protein-packed. There are plenty of shampoos and conditioners out there with ‘keratin’ as an added ingredient. We’d highly recommend starting with these, washing and conditioning your hair with them for a few weeks BEFORE you start your lightening and coloring treatments. When you switch to a dramatic, unusual color, everything in your life changes a little, especially your styling routine.

If you’re a natural brunette, ask for a blend of some near-navy shades for a subtler look. Some extra texture and luxe waves won’t hurt either. This style works especially well on those with naturally dark hair, as the blue seemingly blends in with the black. Ask your colorist for some deep-purple undertones that’ll help give your hair more depth without feeling too overly blue.

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