Thumb-ping sluggers

Besides batters, players at other baseball positions have also found thumb guards to be rather helpful. First, the Prohitters Batter Training Aid forces the handle of the bat towards the fingers. The volume of the little plastic piece forces the bat handle out of the palm of the hand and, during the swing, keeps the grip where it needs to be. Other local baseball players use thumb guards as well. Franklin senior catcher Jake Fitzgibbons has been using the “Pro-Hitter” thumb guard ever since he broke his thumb while catching.

Apparently the device was originally meant to reduce the painful sting to the hand when the ball hits the bat to close to the hands, as when a pitcher is pitching close in. Protect your hand and perfect your swing with the Rawlings Adults’ Hitter’s Thumb Guard. Made from 100% rubber, the guard absorbs shock from impact for gentle hits.

Various professional players wear thumb rings. The Pro Hitter Batting Aid is a popular thumb ring. In order for a batter to properly grasp a baseball bat, the batter should place the bat handle diagonally across an open hand, then grasp the bat primarily with the fingers, and not with the palm of the hand.

This is especially true for catchers, who are always at risk from thumb injuries and hyperextension from tipped foul balls. Absolutely loving the ThumbPRO more and more every day. It’s so comfortable you can not even tell it’s there, but it helps keep my grip aligned in the way I need it to be. Got my ThumbPRO.

6, 8, 13, and 16, it may also be used in conjunction with a batter’s glove, as shown in FIG. In this embodiment, the body 110 could be incorporated into a batting glove 200, such that a batter can put on the body 110 and batting glove 200 in one quick action. In this embodiment, a pocket 202 may be formed in the area of the batting glove 200 between the index finger 34 and the thumb 30 for placement of the body 110 of the invention. In other embodiments, the batting pad of the invention could be built on the outside of the glove 200 or in the inside of the glove 200. Another disadvantage of the batting pad of U.S.

The upper surface 20 of the member 10 on the flap portion 16 is curved. When the batter squeezes the bat 40, as shown in FIG. 7, the lower surface 18 of the member 10 contacts the bat 40 and pushes the bat 40 away from the palm area 32 of the batter’s hand and toward the batter’s fingers, referred to collectively as 36. If you pay a little more attention next time you watch a baseball game, you’ll probably be surprised by how many players are using this handy piece of gear. A thumb guard is a relatively small, easy to use, and rather inexpensive piece of protective equipment. Just wanted to say ThumbPRO is a game changer!

The batting pad does not readily fit in the batter’s hand when the bat 40 is being gripped, because the batter is forced to apply force to compress the batting pad in a longitudinal direction in order to grasp the bat 40, as in FIG. The length N of the appendage 116 of the invention, therefore, should be selected such that the appendage 116 is not compressed in length when the bat 40 is in use. It was invented to reduce the sting of a ball that strikes a bat too close to the player’s hand. However, the use of thumb guards has increased and its popularity has increased in recent years. Some boosters say it gives a batter a faster wrist, hands, and bat speed. These benefits have been proven by research.

Love this thing man. Feels so nice in the hand evoshield wrist band holding the bat. This thing is money.

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