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The batter’s box is 6×4 feet wide, drawn and marked on the ground with paint. The infield square formed by the home plate and 3 bases at the corners. The sides of the infield square are 35 to 45 feet long, so the corner bases will also be spaced at this distance.

Since you already have the imaginary infield square (45×45 feet) marked on the pitch, you should use the corner bases to set out and mark the arched corners of the grassed infield square. Take a nylon string or measuring tape and hook the looped end on the corner steel pin. Extend the tape along the horizontal plane and make sure it’s taut and level with the ground. Hold the 9-feet mark on the tape and scribe a circle with white aerosol athletic field paint. The scribed arcs / circles will intersect with the 39×39 feet square, cutting out a 9-feet radius arc on each corner.

If the fielder catches a batted ball hit in the air the batter is out and all base runners must tag up before proceeding to the next base. Only the white baseball size Wiffle®Ball will be used for play. The only modification to the surface of the ball will be that resulting from normal play. If a ball is torn wiffle ball strike zone cheap more than ¼ inch, it will be ruled illegal for play and will be removed from the game. Let’s assume that the field centreline running through the centre of 2nd Base, pitching circle and home plate, is in the East to North-East direction. We have to set out the position of this centreline on the pitch.

The dimension of interest is the distance from the front face of the pitching rubber to the tip of the home plate. This distance depends on the size of the infield square. In a pitch with a 35-feet infield square, the distance from the front face of the pitching rubber to the tip of the home plate is about 42 feet. In a pitch with a 42-feet infield square, the distance from the front face of the pitching rubber to the home plate tip will be about 39 feet. Note that the distance of the pitcher’s rubber plate from the home plate depends on tournament rules and league level (i.e. junior or senior level). Set out and mark the grassed infield square (39×39 feet) on the pitch with steel pins and stringlines, then mark the lines with white aerosol athletic field paint.

The company has never been sued over safety issues in its 50+ year history. Every player who makes it round the bases scores a run for the team. To decide who bats and who fields, a coin should be tossed or some other way of deciding should be done such as a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Captains should meet prior to each game to agree upon ground rules. For more Wiffle Ball gear, check out our guide to the best Wiffle Ball bats for 2022 as well as our list of the best Wiffle Ball pitching machines. Wiffle ball is enjoyed by many people globally because it is interesting. It is fast taking over the place of softball, stickball, and even baseball.

Teams that qualify for Sunday’s single elimination tournament, but fail to show up without notice will be placed on probation for the following year. Those teams will not be eligible for Sunday competition in the next tournament. This way, you can separate the two main components for easy transport and storage. Ever since David N. Mullany invented the game back in 1953, kids have been learning how to play Wiffle Ball in backyards and backlots all over the U.S. The game’s magic lies in its simplicity, recreational nature, and the incredible movement of the Wiffle Ball itself when it’s pitched. So much so that competitive leagues like MLW Wiffle Ball have become very popular.

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