The Best Clothing Optional Resorts for 2022

While there are a lot more that are topless friendly, you’ll still find some for going au naturel, particularly in the Dutch and French islands. All-nude sunbathing on St. Barths, for example, will hardly raise an eyebrow, whereas in The Bahamas, just wearing a bikini off the beach is frowned upon. Luxury travelers like walking around with their clothes off just like the rest of us, and the fanciest place to do it is at the Grand Lido Negril.

Municipalities with a beach tend to have a nudist beach; even if the municipality does not like it, it designates a quiet part as such in order to be able to forbid nudity on the rest of the beach. Hotel Albatros in Ulcinj has two beaches, a textile beach, and a nudist beach. A small, unofficial naturist beach, on the left bank of the Lielupe river delta. The biggest of Latvia’s naturist beaches, situated a little way north of Vecāķi village. To get there from Riga take the Riga-Saulkrasti railway line and get off at Vecāķi or bus Nr24 or small bus Nr200&224.

He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. The Andalucia Guesthouse is located in Ocean Park, around 10 minutes walking distance to Ocean Park Beach and a short cab ride to Condado gay beach. It’s also just around the corner from The Bear Tavern and a short cab ride away from the gay bars/clubs in San Juan. This crescent-shaped public beach boasts the only sanctioned nude sunbathing spot on the island.

Nope, this remote resort in Bocas del Toro goes more all-natural than Adam and Eve by collecting rainwater and powering the joint with solar panels. But if you want a vacation that goes au natural in every way possible, this is one of the best places on Earth. Are you looking for a sun, sea and sand holiday for naturists? Playa del Inglés in Gran Canaria is the place to be for naturists. These eight nude beaches in the Caribbean may pique your curiosity on your next trip over. The Horned Dorset Primavera is set on a secluded Atlantic coast beach in a beautiful Spanish Colonial building, so gay-friendly lodgings don’t come much more stylish than this.

Anized events for your enjoyment throughout the entire weekend. Feel free to join all, or some of the following during your stay in the tropical Island of Puerto Rico. The entire guest house will be clothing optional so feel free to pack light as you will not need extra luggage for the NAKED WEEKEND event. Coqui Del Mar is super famous amongst the gay community of Puerto Rico, especially for their weekly Saturday evening gay pool parties which get quite raucous!

Traditional Puerto Rican society tends to be conservative in this sense, and even though PR has evolved considerably, nudity may yet be frowned upon by many. For these reasons, there are no designated Nude Beaches in Vieques. So look out to the ocean, enjoy the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, open a cold Medalla, and bask in your hidden paradise — in the nude, if there is no one else in sight. However, this doesn’t prevent locals from treating Boquillas Beach like one. Boquillas Beach is located behind the Natural Reserve, Hacienda La Esperanza, in the small municipality of Manatí. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay, check out the top Airbnb rentals in the area.

Top-shelf liquor and water sports, including scuba, are included in the all-inclusive plan … Return to Pearl Beach Restaurant later in the day for a blend of Caribbean, Latin, and French flavors followed bora bora vs tahiti vs fiji by cocktails from the beach bar or restaurant bar … There is also an abundance of gay resorts in Puerto Rico to pick from which ultimately makes it one of the best gay vacations in the USA.

The resort is right on the oceanfront, with access to the beach. It takes much pride in its clifftop-perched golf course, The Links, where lessons are available including junior lessons every Saturday. The resort’s restaurant, the Jota Restaurant at Royal Isabela, boasts a Caribbean menu with farm-to-table ingredients, as well as fresh fish from local fishermen and cheese from local cheesemakers.

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