The 7 Essential Crochet Supplies that Beginners Actually Need

Stitch markers are just like their name suggests, they’re used to mark your stitches. These are something you may not need right away but you will probably find them helpful at some point. They are commonly used when working in a continuous circle, as it can be very difficult to keep track of where each round started. They’re also helpful to mark any stitch, row, or round you need to remember.

Also, my advice is to try several types of hooks in order to find the one that suits your hand. I’ve never seen hooks specifically for left-handed people but I do know that the ones with ergonomic rubber grips are recommended. If you are just starting to learn how to crochet you will actually be surprised at how little you need to get going! There are a few things you absolutely must have before you can begin to crochet your first project though but chances are, you already have them laying around your house. A great option for crocheting lighter wearables such as crochet shawls or tunics is a nice cotton blend yarn. This means there is a certain percentage of cotton blended with another man made or natural fiber.

Although there are many products and accessories that can be used in crochet, we’ll just be talking about the most basic supplies needed today. Have both a sharp-tipped and a blunt-tipped needle on hand. Sharp tips are easier for sewing in the ends, while a blunt tip is easier for finishing off the seams. The size of the needle you need may also depend on the thickness of your yarn. A chunky yarn, for example, will require a needle with a larger eye, in order to be able to thread it. Crocheting hooks come in various lengths and sizes, and the size you need will depend on the yarn you’re using.

But when you’re standing in the yarn store, looking at shelves and shelves of yarn, it can feel overwhelming to pick the best yarn for your next crochet project. You will find that the more you search you’ll come across some pretty unique crochet tools (like a Lucet Fork, but for now, we are going to stick to the basics. These two tools are the most often the first crocheting materials you’ll need for crocheting when beginning your crochet journey. Harry Potter fans will love this magical crochet kit from The Works that will let you make your very own Harry figure and broom. Update your wardrobe with this stylish handbag crochet kit from Wool And The Gang.

As your collection grows, you might want to show it off in a pretty display like this. A Yarn Bowl is a specially made container with a slot for the working crochet starter kit yarn to slide out while the skein rolls around inside. It is nice for keeping your yarn in place and prevent it rolling away or onto the floor.

Tying a slip knot onto the crochet hook is one of the very first things you need to know to get started with crocheting. It’s the way you’ll cast the yarn onto the hook so you can start crocheting. Quickly twist and loop the yarn onto the hook, wrap the yarn under the hook and pull it through the loop to tighten. Don’t worry if it’s awkward at first; just keep practicing and it’ll get easier.

You’ll also have access to an online video tutorial via the QR code provided, allowing you to follow along to get started. Yarn weight simply describes the thickness of the yarn you are using. The yarn weight will determine the amount of stitches it will take to complete one inch of your project. A lot of the yarns I’ve described above are ‘worsted weight’ and the packaging will usually tell you what hook size you should use.

If you choose a thick yarn, it will be difficult for you to make small creations because the density of the thread must be relatively proportional to the size of the hook. “Before investing in a course, I would recommend using the wide range of free resources available online,” says Yau-Weeks. “To start, enter the item you want to make, along with ‘beginner tutorial’ and you should be able to find something suitable for your skill level.” “I have been able to share crocheting with my sisters,” adds Yau-Weeks, stating that it’s “a way to connect with other human beings and build community.” Made popular during the pandemic , crocheting can be an easy, accessible way to make anything from clothes and accessories to stuffed toys.

I recommend reading about the basics of crochet in my free Crochet for Beginners guide, as well as taking a look at the Crochet Abbreviations for Beginners guide. This sustainable party decoration can be used for celebrations all year round including Christmas and birthdays. Hooking each chain is very satisfying and it’s a project you can keep lengthening and invite others to contribute to, making it a perfect activity for a crafternoon get together.

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