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Through Thaen, Ganesh Vinayakan has shown his diversity as a filmmaker and it is impressive. He raises some important questions that must have popped up in our minds at least once. Thaen revolves around the struggles of people of a tribal community who are sort of the last defenders of the forests. However, the determination of the handful of tribal people to protect the natural ecosystem that has fed and nurtured them for generations comes at a cost. The views expressed in comments published on newindianexpress.com are those of the comment writers alone. Newindianexpress.com reserves the right to take any or all comments down at any time.

The on-the-nose messaging and melodramatic dialogues at times interfere with the cinematic language, which Ganesh promises at the beginning of the movie. But, the director instead goes for an in-your-face reality-check that leaves nothing to the audience’s imagination. But, what happens when a man-made illness is introduced in their pristine ecosystem? The next day, we move on to debating another instance where a human was denied all fundamental rights and dignity.

Social commentary has been a part of Tamil cinema from the days of veteran star actor M. Even today right from leading superstars to debutant lead heroes, prefer to have some kind of krack telugu movie netflix social message included in their films. This approach is followed even though there is no assurance that such an approach would ensure a minimum success rate for an entertainer.

Thought I’d expect something different from this but this was an utter disappointment. The cast members and the Cinematography were the only saving graces for me. This film could’ve been better, also had the potential to be one of the best films if the year, but fell flat due to it’s poor execution. Especially India’s staggering digital divide and how it keeps a massive population of the country from accessing vital and urgent resources of the government. Tap “Sign me up” below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more.

This isn’t to dismiss the many takeaways from Thaen, especially the performances of Tharun Kumar and Abarnathi that stay with you long after the viewing. M Sukumar’s stunning visual detailing, Sanath Bharadwaj’s mellifluous numbers and the focused writing are the heart and soul of the film. Thaen, directed by Ganesh Vinayakan, is a story set in the picturesque hillside village Kurinjukudi, which’s home to the best herbs and minerals in Tamil Nadu. With the promos promising a hard-hitting tale, let’s see what Thaen has in store.

While majority of these flicks falls flat and tend to be in beyond bearable melodramatic tone, certain well made dramas offer us a poignant experience. Director Ganesh Vinayakan attempts to craft a movie like the latter. So how interestingly has director Ganesh Vinayakan put together all these factors in to his flick? Extracting top performances from the leads Tharun Kumar and Abarnathi, Ganesh Vinayakan hits the right notes with his constant focus on human emotions that will sure impact the audiences.

The major disappointment is the loud, melodramatic background score that spoonfeeds the viewer how to respond to sequences rather than trusting their intelligence. The film fails to find the right balance between realism and cinematic highs, a reason why the emotional impact feels compromised at places. The haunting visual imagery of the climactic sequences leaves you uneasy.

And so we get a doctor mouthing dialogues like, “She’s almost dead!” without any remorse. This isn’t to find fault with the actor’s accent, but it does feel wrong to see creators force-fitting English dialogues to provide a commentary against westernisation. For the majority of the second half, Poonkodi is said to be suffering from a dreadful disease, too complex for Velu to understand. But I was left wondering why it wasn’t even revealed to the audience till the final act. Giving us some details of her illness, instead of just showing us random shots of her squirming in pain, would have perhaps earned our sympathy. Get reviews of the latest theatrical releases every week, right in your inbox every Friday.

But, their love for each other is so strong, that they trust mother nature will be kind to them and let them live a happy life. They don’t even have a basic facility there and had to travel for miles. After a few years, Poonkodi suffers from severe stomach pain.

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