Tears of Shand’ara George Teixeira, Stephen Teixeira

Use them as a drink or food tray or simply as a really cool decoration on your table. I am certain you will think of more ideas for them. Post a comment below if you have a great idea.

Once the stencil is firmly attached, peel the transfer tape from the stencil. Adding color is another great way to add your own style when you’re learning how to wood burn using stencils. You can take any design, and jazz it up with color. Take your wood tray outside or to a WELL VENTILATED AREA with your heat gun. When you heat up the chemicals, it will actually burn the wood so there will be smoke!

It takes practice and skill to successfully create designs on more flammable materials. To get started, choose a nice big plain piece of wood and do a practice board. There are lots ofgood books with patterns and designs. Always check copyright restrictions and permission for personal and commercial use.

I’ve got a small Walnut Hollow Basswood Round. If you need help centering your stencil you can measure and mark the center point of your wood with a pencil. Then fold barry wood links your vinyl into a taco “U” shape and line up the bottom of the “U” over your center mark. Gently press the vinyl down starting in the center and working outward.

To slow this process store your gel in the fridge. This will make plenty of gel for your project as you use very little! The struggle many have is that when using a stencil would need to avoid bleeding under, yet you need to be able to apply enough product to have it work.

His craft-themed sign is a wonderful addition to any craft room and a direct source of inspiration. Here are the results from my second attempt at using the Scorch Marker for the Grillin’ and Chillin’ sign. You can see that it bled again under the stencil causing a fuzzy and uneven edge. Once it was dry, I carefully removed the stencil by peeling it off the wood.

One of the most important of course is a wood blank, I used two wood blanks that are both natural basswood with no finish, which is important. I sized my designs for these particular size wood boards, but they can be resized to your personal preference or blank. I will also show you how to add all the hardware to hang the Grillin’ and Chillin’ design. Pyrography art of Golden Eagle bird burned onto a piece of basswood.

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