How to Clean Up Your Online Social Media Profiles for Job Seekers and Professionals

Did you know gamification is projected to be a $95.5 billion industry by 2030? If your business hasn’t gotten into the gamification marketing space yet, now might be the time. Learn more about what gamification is and how you can use it for your digital marketing… But bear in mind, employers will most likely still…

How To Clean Up Your Social Media for a Job Search

Finally, consider your endorsements and testimonials – this boosts your credibility. The tedious process of cleaning up your social media might seem social media workflow excessive. However, just like your physical appearance can judge you, your social media identity can also be used to judge your personality. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms…

What are the benefits of sleeping with onions on your feet?

Eating these vegetables provides antioxidants that can have health benefits, but they are unlikely to prevent or cure disease.” Being sick stinks, but sleeping with raw onions in your socks probably stinks even more. However, swarms of natural medicine buffs are trying it anyway in the hopes the vegetable will cure or alleviate respiratory symptoms….

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Pouring yourself a cup of fresh tea from a not-so-clean kettle is not appealing. However, some methods can be helpful in getting rid of stubborn strawberry tea cakes stains. The easiest and safest way to clean the inside of a stove top tea kettle is with a mixture of half water and half white vinegar….


Look for a health serving of calories in addition to the protein content. There are also leaner products designed for those who have more medium to medium/fast metabolisms and don’t want too many excess calories. Also, keep in mind that weight-gain supplements come in all types. There are those super high in calories and extra…