Stealth Polymer Weapons Set Plastic Knives Non-Metal Weapons

As someone that likes knives, I think ceramic knives are neat in a way but I don’t ever see them being anywhere near as popular as metal knives at any time in the future. Super hardened ceramic knives are very brittle compared to many steel knives. This means they will hold an edge extremely well and can be sharpened to a fineness that is loved by professional chefs and cooks.

That being said, no plastic is going to compare to a good steel blade. Plastic is okay for self-defense but for hardcore bushcrafting and daily tasks, I will be sticking to metal. The Kyocera Ceramic Sharpener would be worth it over the years if you use ceramic a lot in your kitchen. I know I would not want to send my knives off to sharpen even if it was just occasionally. If you want an entirely non-metallic knife and sheath combination you can buy or make a leather sheath.

For self-defense it has potential but like any ceramic knife, you don’t want to drop it a lot or use it for things that require some flexibility in the blade. There are hardened steel knives that are comparable but the average steel knife is much softer than a ceramic blade. While there are arguably better pocket knives on the market those knives are meant for people that use their pocket knives rigorously. In this review, I opted for knives that come in at a lower price point but still make reliable self-defense knives.

It’s made from 9Cr17MoV stainless steel, which is durable, easy to sharpen, and resists corrosion well. It also has a handle with a built-in grip, so there’s no worry about it slipping and cutting your hand. It comes with a sheath that can be attached to your belt too.

Plastic knives are reallyonly useful for self-defense or possibly working around electrical gear. I think it would be worthwhile to have a few plastic boot knives or similar for some cheap defense during a SHTF scenario. This is a decent-sized knife that would require an 8 inch boot to conceal entirely. Of course, np bodybuilding if you wear jeans over your boots this may not matter. This knife actuallybrought back some memories of when I was younger and carried a knife in my boot as a backup. At this price point, this may be a defense option worth putting back in case you have to arm other members of your group or anyone you take in.

You can enhance the blade’s edge using an emery board. Ceramic really has no appeal to mefor a major survival situation because I know I would forget and pry something and break or chip the blade. On the other hand, if you want something deadly sharp for defense, ceramic will offer you that. At $8.50 this is a real bargain for a self-defense weapon.

For example, in Texas, you’re not allowed to carry a knife that is over 5.5 inches, but if the length is right, you’re allowed to conceal your self-defense weapon. This adaptation on the original kubaton key chain design, give you 3 pointed self-defense edges right in the palm of your hand. To most people, the Kubotan is little more than a nondescript key ring.

Quality ceramic and plastic knives are also quite easy to clean. When I first heard of non-metallic knives I will admit that I pictured a knife shattering with very little effort, not holding an edge, and being inferior all around. However, after trying knives made of plastic and ceramic I realized they actually bring a lot to the table. The feature we really like about this budget pocket knife is it has assisted opening. With just a slight push on the opening tab, this self-defense knife pops open. This is great for those with one hand, arthritis, or other hand issues.

Plus, you can choose from various color options. The Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This type of steel isn’t as durable as our top self-defense knife, but the price is right. This comb is the perfect concealed self-defense tool on the planet.

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