Stag men love watching other guys have sex with their wives

Once again we found the best starting point was on the same site creating a profile searching for a single female looking for the same type of kink. This unlike the search looking for a male was not nearly as easy and after countless messages and winks we finally found someone that was in search of the same thing. With that reoccurring theme we have decided to explore with other people. Our only rule is that we have these encounters together and that we both must be totally comfortable with the expectations. Most people are very uptight about sex, so they won’t enjoy hearing about this. The couple says their lifestyle has only brought them closer.

Generally speaking that’s a female partner having sex with other men. We have been happily married for over a decade and we are smitten with one another. We have however began to question several societal barriers that govern the Western ideology regarding marriage. If you look around and question perhaps a neighbor or someone you casually run in to at the grocery store or gym, do you ever since they are totally missing a sex drive?

There will also be a validated STAG & VIXEN personals to assist others in moving relationships forward. A book on steps to living a Stag & Vixen relationship for real. A vixen is the submissive woman who is having extramarital sex with her dominant partner’s support. She may or may not enjoy being humiliated during or after the sexual encounter. In the past we’ve told you all about the predilection for being humiliated by watching your partner having sex with someone else.

That said sexual encounters were limited and we both wanted to have other safe experiences. There is no shortage of potential suitors out there. The one thing that is very important to us is finding people that are at least an hour outside of our home town.

He derives his pleasure from his wife being his personal porn star and wild and dirty but all for her pleasure. For her to be the center of attention, carressed, kissed, rubbed, tasted and everything all focused on her and her hightened pleasure provided by and ONLY with the Stag’s permission and support. Lots of stags and vixens would still consider it cheating if their partner had sexual contact with someone else without discussing it first. Also, stags and vixens doesn’t preclude the man being involved. As well as watching he might eventually join in with his partner and another man rather than enjoying being excluded. Writing our trials and tribulations of sexual experimentations on The Medium has been a fun way to journal our experiences.

From a purely medical standpoint, it is as healthy as any sexual encounter, it does not provide any risk different from a single lady having sex with a guy she met at a bar or on Tinder. It is also a healthy option for husbands who are suffering from physical health issues. A man might be too disabled to sexually satisfy his wife so he’ll opt to let another man do the job to keep her happy. The husband’s inability to meet his wife’s sexual needs could motivate him to authorize other men to sleep with his wife. And he could choose to participate, to watch or not, making it unusual but not unhealthy. Who insisted on being open and free to do as she pleased.

Stag vixen is the other variant of the hotwifing lifestyle. Vixen And Stag is an online store offering Adult Body Jewelry and intimate products such as how to get the playlist feature on tiktok android Sexy Body Jewelry, Sexy G-strings, hotwife ankle jewelry, vixen hotwife anklet. Our adult piercing jewelry is specially designed for intimate piercing.

While according to New York Post, ‘Cuckold porn’ is the second-most searcher porn term after ‘youth’, this scenario is a bit different. We have decided for the sake of our children to remain anonymous for the moment. We will decide how to best approach this once the book is written. We will ask for the selected writer to sign an NDA before any money is exchanged. The feelings overall provide a massive confidence boost and a real kick up the backside to any marriage in the doldrums.

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