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The blog, which started as an online journal, soon became a saving grace which offers the same promise to its readers. Created in 2014 by Don Forrester, the Carpe Diem Life blog captures life one lesson at a time. By reflecting on the joys and learning opportunities in his day to day, Don reminds his readers how life is not to be taken for granted. She is a seemingly never-ending resource of all things inspiring and mental health. The Centre for Mental Health serves as an independent mental health charity. The blog aims to inspire hope, provide opportunity, and offer a fair chance in life to people of all ages who are coping with or at risk of mental illness.

These women will make you laugh, take notes, and become a better, saner, happier parent. That is one of my favorite things about being a mom blogger myself- getting to interact with other moms and share the experience. As a mother, I prefer to make sure my child follows a routine even during the vacation and does not suffer because of a choice we made that was not in her best interest.

So much time…and even on your busiest days, you will still find a little time for yourself. You don’t realise how much spare time you had until you have children. Then…when you do become a parent, you wonder what you actually did with all that spare time…usually…whatever you wanted. You went for a run, for a walk, to the gym…you went to soccer practice perhaps. You went out for breakfast, lunch or dinner…perhaps all in one day. You watched movies on a Sunday afternoon on the couch, while you nursed your hangover, or recuperated from a big work week.

The best advice my mother gave to me was, ‘you’re only one person’ when I was feeling guilty for not spending as much time with my eldest when my second was born. That’s so true – you can only do so much…and really, if you’re worrying and feeling guilty about being a good mother – then you already are. Even on your hardest days, where sleep evades you…you will eventually find the time to ‘catch up’ because for the most part, you can do what you want, when you want…so there’s ample opportunity to get back on track. As a parent, when you’re exhausted, you remain that way for a very long time, with little reprieve. You may catch up a little bit, but only if your child allows…you don’t get to catch up when you want to.

There are legitimate, substantive limitations on cultural practices, even on well-entrenched traditions. For example, no culture today can legitimately claim a right to practise slavery. Indigenous peoples have the right to practise and revitalize their cultural traditions and customs. Protecting and promoting cultural rights is important pet supply plus return policy to the process of empowering individuals and communities. Having their cultural rights recognised helps communities to build their self-esteem and to be motivated to maintain their traditions while being respected for their practices and values. Some aspects of culture are highly visible, for instance the way people dress.

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