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Amueblar to furnish, supply with furnitureAmueblaron la casa con todo lujo.They furnished the house very luxuriously. Amigo, amiga friendEs una amiga mía.She’s a friend of mine. Afinidad relationship by marriageEs pariente mío por afinidad.He’s one of my in-laws. Aclamación acclamationFué elegido por aclamación.He was elected by acclamation.

The use that you make of X, its content and the services obtained across X are of your responsibility. Neither X nor an associtted person with X guarantees or declares, as regards the grade of completeness, the safety, the reliability, the quality, the precision or the availability of X. The curtains were drawed back, and through crystals it looked a white wall that completely covered the night. She left to fall down on the sofa and had a look to the magazines without paying much attention. Then, seeing how the old woman bent to inspect the contents of the oven, found that below the apron stuck out the underside of a pearl, very elegant grey dress.

° según parece as it seems, apparentlySegún parece lloverá toda la tarde.Apparently it’ll rain all afternoon. Orden order , command, instructionNo he recibido ninguna orden de mis superiores.I haven’t received any order from my superiors. ▲ order Despacharemos su orden vía Nueva Orleans.We’ll ship your order via New Orleans.

° estar con prisa to be in a hurryNo puedo esperar porque estoy con prisa.I can’t wait because I’m in a hurry. ° estar de to act as, act in the capacity of¿Quién está de telefonista hoy? Who’s at the switchboard today? °estar de acuerdo to agreeEstuvieron de acuerdo en todo.They agreed on everything. ° estar de viaje to be travelingEstuvimos de viaje durante el verano.We were traveling during the summer.

° hacer amistades to get acquaintedEn poco tiempo hizo amistades allí.He got acquainted there in a short time. Alquilar to rent, hireAlquilaron una casa.They rented a house. ▲ to letSe alquilan habitaciones.Rooms you re in trouble gif for rent. Alcanzar to catch up with, overtakeNos alcanzaron muy pronto.They caught up with us quickly. ▲ to reachNo puedo alcanzar esa lata de tomate.I can’t reach that can of tomatoes.

—Juan y Pedro no se tratan.John and Peter are not on good terms. ° tratarse de to be the subject of, be a question ofSe trata de hacerlo lo mejor posible.It’s a question of doing it in the best possible way. Trabajo workEl trabajo está muy bien hecho.The work is very well done.

Propio ownLo vi con mis propios ojos.I saw it with my own eyes. ▲ typicalEso es muy propio de él.That’s typical of him. ▲ proper, rightEra el hombre propio para aquel trabajo.He was the right man for that job.

° desde fuera from the outsideDesde fuera no se ve el jardín.The garden can’t be seen from the outside. ° fuera de out ofEstará tres días fuera de la ciudad.He’ll be out of the city for three days. ° fuera de sí beside oneselfEstaba fuera de sí de cólera.He was beside himself with anger. ° por fuera on the outsidePor fuera la casa es muy bonita.On the outside the house is very pretty.

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