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Hind wings white. Form spot; two rows of black dots, one exterior, the other marginal. Hind wings white, with a pale brown marginal liie. And a black border.

Legs white ; anterior legs red. Men extending for half its length beyond the hind wings. Domen rery pale fawn-colour, white on each side and at the base. The tips, hardly oblique along the exterior border.

I wasnt always evil, I had feelings as well, it was just that day that ruined it all…. Latias is waiting there for him, on top of one of the boats. Length of the body 6 lines; of the wings 15 lines. Length of the body 6 lines ; of the wings 12 linea. Length of the body 6— «H lines ; of the wings 11—12 lines.

Legs stout; hind tibis with four long span. ▼ery small, near the tip. Hind sign language beer wings with pale testaceous cilie. ‘ the thorax, whitish along CMcb side.

Wings bruaii. Slightly conrex and nther oblique along the exterior border. Abdomen hardly extending beyond the hind wings. The hind wings.

Hind wings with blackish borders. Hind wings whitish, hardly bordered with pale brown. Some paler brown shining streaks. Hind wings white, Tery pearly.

The reniform spot Hind wings cinereous, with whitish oilise. Usual exterior and marginal brown points, which are indistinct. Pilose; hind tibis with four short spurs. Wings moderately broad.

Hardly acute ; exterior border very slightly oblique. Exterior border ; inferior veins with the usual structure. Ia ibe male. Abdomen extending rather beyond the hind wiogs. Wings modeiately oblique along the exterior border.

Hind wings cinereous, with dadnr bosdeis. Legs stout ; hind tibio with four moderately long spurs. Bolder with black lanules.

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