Shades of Blue Hair Blue Hair Color Ideas

Then see for yourself how perfectly well blonde color complements dark skin. If you just want to test the waters and see how a little bit of color would look on you, then this is the perfect thing for you. They not only suit the dark skin but also look a lot natural.

Peekaboo highlights are only done on the undersection of hair, helping them to be concealed by the natural-colored hair on the top. If vibrant hair colors are not your thing, try out this understated look. Navy blue and maroonish purple come together to give you this deep blend, which is accentuated with slightly brighter blue highlights. But you can experiment with midnight and galaxy hair blends as well. Go intense, bright, or light according to your choice and mood to make your unique statement. All you have to do is match the blue and purple shades with your skin tone and undertone.

As Townsend explains, one way to keep color like this fresh is to go easy on the shampoo. We love a natural, dirty blonde moment—but when you mix it with dusty blue ombré ends, we’re officially in love. For this look, have your stylist paint on the highlights, which is more subtle than the dip-dyed look. While we love a dusty, subtle blue, we’ll always have a soft spot for bold, pigmented styles like this one, with an aqua-to-sapphire ombré. For hair with this much dye, health will be crucial.

This is another ombre design and is very popular, especially when using fun and unique colors like blue. The blue at the ends is almost an ice blue hair and compliments the darkness of the hair at the top. This hair color is perfect if your skin tone is medium to dark or if you have naturally dark hair. This is what happens when you decide to cut your dark blue black hair short! You double the beauty of texture, the vividness of colors, and therefore enhance the whole look.

It’s also worth noting that this is a much shorter style, so you’ll want several inches of hair on top with a fade on the sides. This dark blue hairstyle can be found on celebrities, soccer players, and more. This works nicely if the shade of blue you chose contrasts heavily with your natural hair color. That way, when your roots come in, they’ll pop against the colored sections.

And in this case, a sleek lob is the perfect match for blue-black hair color. It’s sophisticated, elegant, and incredibly easy to maintain all on your own. Cobalt blue with dark roots is another classy choice of hair color for dark skin.

The texture of the hair is crucial here, as the color not only catches the eye but also accentuates the hair’s curls and coils. This blue hair is bolder than most, but why does my scalp hurt when my hair is dirty is also more unique. The resulting high-contrast style is eye-catching and unique. If you want a more dramatic effect, you can even opt for a darker shade of blue.

What’s nice about this style is that the main colors of dark blue, purple, and green all blend together to create a unified swirl of color. It’s a subtle way to incorporate color that still looks great. Of course, if you have lighter hair, the effect is much more dramatic. If you’re seeking a muted blue hairstyle, this is the look for you.

This is a really pretty blue hair color that also will require a little bit of purple hair dye thrown in to ensure that you are able to get this exact coloring. You may require a little bit of navy blue hair dye to go in with the purple as this is a darker blue than what else is out there. It is an easy hairstyle, but still, one you can do a lot with.

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