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If you intend to use your health insurance, it is best to either consult your insurance carrier, or call the testing lab directly to review details. Adults on medicare in need of better access to healthcare when they need it most. Primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. The business provides primary care, preventative care, patient service coordination, laboratory services, chronic care management and transitional care management, according to Hatfield Medical Group, Apache Junction is an outpatient clinical laboratory and testing facility in Apache Junction offering an array of on-demand lab testing services.

It is not intended as, and Solv Health, Inc. does not provide, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always contact your healthcare provider directly with any questions you may have regarding your health or specific medical advice. Depending on which lab test you need and whether or not it has been ordered by a healthcare provider, insurance may or may not cover the cost of the test.

Respond to reviews, add information, and reach more patients. Turn on to see available appointment times across providers. ith style a toronto lifestyle blog for geeks Emelita Cabilatazan has indicated that they offer telehealth. Contact the office to check for eligibility for your needs.

It isn’t very common for a doctor to be working at a lab, so if you require a physician order prior to the lab test, or need to discuss the test or results with a provider, you should arrange that separately. The business is listed under medical clinic, family practice physician category. It has received 13 reviews with an average rating of 2.8 stars. As a clinical lab, Hatfield Medical Group, Apache Junction offers many different types of tests ranging from routine lab tests and blood work to tests required by employers. A few of the more popular services generally offered at clinical labs include COVID testing, blood glucose tests, CBC , BMP , CMP , flu tests, STD tests, HIV tests, and drug tests.

All reviews are opinions of patients and do not represent the opinions of Solv. All locations normally open on Saturdays will be open during their regular hours. All locations normally open on Saturdays will be open during their normal hours. Be truthful – this review will help other consumers as well as the business.

The cost of lab tests really vary based on the type of test needed. Some tests could cost as little as $10-20 while others cost more than $500. It is best to contact the lab directly to determine your specific cost, or out of pocket cost .

Depending on the necessary test, patients are either referred to Hatfield Medical Group by a qualified provider, or can just with test results available as quickly as the same day. Arizona Care Network joins three respected healthcare systems with independent providers to transform our healthcare system. Our work improves population health and reduce costs by actively managing care for our patients.

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