Secretariat Bobblehead Information & History

For instance, a 2018 SGA bobblehead of Jeff Montgomery can be picked up for $10 in most cases. Due to an overwhelming number of requests from individuals and collectors who missed the first offering, the Second Limited Edition Secretariat www.all pro Bobble was released in January of 2003. This edition was produced in a quantity of 1,973 pieces, again selling with the original retail price of $73 each. In sports, your value as a player rests a lot on your performance per season.

What a way for the Indians to honor the most famous player (?) in team history. Charlie Sheen loved to get a crack at playing Rick Vaughn, and he really did a dope job playing the erratic pitcher. The Indians gave this gem out as part of “Major League Night” to honor the film’s 20th anniversary.

This is definitely a very nice Collectible that brought a lot of attention and a great price. Is this your auction and prefer we remove your item? I’m running out of space in my apt for empty boxes and it’s driving me crazy! Is there a special container or box I could use to store them in my storage space in my garage??

He started following the Kansas City Royals in college, when he developed a love for the team and the game of baseball after having little interest in sports growing up. In 2021, Fuller started collecting Royals memorabilia.In addition to the Royals, Fuller has several other interests. He is a vintage computer enthusiast who is interested in the history of computing, as well as telecommunications and electronics history.

Ever since then, bobbleheads have made it their mission to take over the world. Major League Baseball became crucial to this mission, becoming one of the first sports to offer the gift to fans during the 1960 World Series. The heads, made of papier-mache, represented a player from every team and were, um, interesting. Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, the value of such items determined by their scarcity and history. In 1856, a postmaster in British Guiana ran out of stamps. A local newspaper printed some emergency stamps and this is the only known surviving 1-Cent Magenta today.

At the beginning of the month we search eBay completed sales under most major collectibles categories. We then post the Top 3 eBay completed auctions that sold for the highest price for each category. This listing was one of the Top 3 sales for this collectibles category under Bobble Heads. We hope you enjoy looking at the information as much as we enjoy posting it. Please make sure you come back periodically, to see the Top collectibles that sold on eBay every month!. A main perk of a bobblehead is that they have a built-in stand and enough weight to keep them in place.

This guy is so far out of bounds he’s better off sticking this thing directly up his ass pipe. Shit, in some states you can buy a house for $42,000. If he ever decides to list it again, make sure you message him and tell him he’s full of shit and that the Sniper sent you. At the time the Yankees were the obvious choice, flying high with a team including Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, and in the midst of winning back-to-back World Series championships in 1961 and 1962.

Prior to these record-smashing sales, the previous highest price paid for a video game was $660,000 for a sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. If you want to catch ’em all, this one will cost more than many workers’ annual salary. Though each Pokemon card has different values and attributes, this rarity was the prize of a 1998 CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest. Fewer than 40 exist, and only 10 are in top condition. This examplesold at Heritage Auctionsin 2016 for nearly $55,000. In 1843, 1,000 of these cards sold for a shilling apiece.

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