Rough Ends When Straightening Natural Hair? Reduce Poofy Frizz NOW

“When shampooing, it’s great to start with a mild clarifying shampoo to remove clogs, dirt, and oils,” says Lee. Bianca is a contributing writer for Byrdie specializing in natural hair and skincare. You can find her work in xoNecole, The Everygirl, POPSUGAR, Travel Noire, and more. Sign up for our email list to receive our exclusive newsletter and keep up with the best tips for growing natural hair, right at your fingertips. Some women opt to use mousse between steps 1 and 2 to help the hair mold to the roller form.

However, avoid applying too much of it as it can weigh your hair down. Velvety leave-in hair treatment with UV and heat protection used prior to air-dry or blow-dry styling. And if you only want straighter strands occasionally, Greene suggests only getting a silk press every two months for less how long do i leave vitamin c in my hair heat damage. There is nothing more frustrating than spending all your time styling your hair only to have it frizz up with a bit of breeze and humidity. Despite your efforts to find out how to “fix” frizzy hair, you likely know it’s not really that easy to smooth out your frizz and flyaways.

Avoid getting product on your scalp as this can cause build-up. Ceramic straighteners are the best choice because the negative ions neutralize the positive ions that are produced which helps to seal the hair cuticle and decrease frizz. This Revlon hairdryer comes with a diffuser attachment which helps prevent frizz. To avoid your hair from becoming poofy after you straighten it, it’s important that you understand your hair’s porosity.

I recommend taking the time to hydrate your hair at least twice a month or, ideally, each time you shampoo your hair. If you tend to have an oily scalp or flaky scalp, you will benefit from using a clarifying shampoo. Use a clarifying shampoo that is free of parabens and sulfates so that your hair doesn’t get dried out. If your scalp and hair tend to be on the drier side, you need to use a moisturizing shampoo every time you cleanse your hair. Healthy hair is paramount, and any hairstyle that compromises that you need to avoid.

A silk pillowcase can prevent your hair from becoming tangled and frizzy. It is surprising how much damage a normal pillowcase can do to your hair. Cotton pillowcases have a rough surface, which can keep your hair from sliding around. Use a blow-dryer and brush to get the roots as straight as possible, working from wet to dry. Looking to add the silk press to your service menu, but don’t know where to start?

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