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Why should it be allowable to cut corners and on other people’s stories and culture? There will be thousands of girls and parents who will buy or receive these dolls and assume that what the company said is accurate. And the falseness will go unchallenged, and stereotypes will go uncorrected. I pointed these things out because it’s something that matters and should matter to people.

I also use mild braid sheen spray or spray in leave in conditioners, which helps keep synthetic hair soft and silky. My review will not only go into the dolls themselves but a few cultural notes. I’m neither Native nor Muslima–just a black woman who grew up in the South. So take what I have to say with the knowledge that I am not a firsthand source and I always encourage people to look up data for themselves–thanks to the Internet, we all have information at our fingertips. I’ve tried to be as respectful and knowledgeable as I can be within my limits. Checkout Surprise Your Child With The Best Dolls For 7-Year-Old Girls for a detailed review of all the top dolls for 7-year-old girls.

Almost all of the other dresses are from the Gymboree “Gymbelles” dolls. You do have to be careful, because not all of them fit them well. I also don’t know if the newer dolls have removable clothing like the older ones. You can see one dress on eBay that I know fits for sure HERE . One, I have the same dealio with the purple eye syndrome.

They sometimes go to a powwow and watch the dancers in their beautiful costumes. Mosi once asked her grandmother why she didn’t leave the reservation and she kachina dolls meaning replied saying “My heart cannot walk two paths.” Mosi says that perhaps she’s doing that but she likes it. The back two pages are no different from Shola’s.

I actually feel a sense of nostalgia by the bracelet; as a small child I used to wear a copper bracelet everywhere to differentiate my left hand from my right. Another thing I look for is hair styling; I like to experiment with hair a lot. Her hair holds a braid nicely and will probably hold French braids well. Not that anyone’s going to see most of what I do with her hair as it’s going to be braided up and under her headscarf.

In her mini-book, you can read about how she ventures out of her town every day to gather medical supplies for her community. It’s great that there are so many different ethnic backgrounds represented in this collection. I plan on adding a few to my own doll collection.

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