Rogue 1-70 Leveling Guide

With a well-geared but incredibly ragtag group I consistently earned twice the XP per hour that I was able to earn solo grinding and I’m extremely efficient at grinding. I wrote this guide for those who want to level efficiently. But I warn you, the questing experience isn’t so fun when you have hundreds of people camping spawns. A level 58 mob in Winterspring or Eastern Plaguelands will give you about 300 XP per kill while a level 58 mob in Outland will give you 500 XP per kill.

Understanding which finish moves you should use and when is a challenge. Certain abilities require specific placement behind mobs, which is more difficult to handle in solo situations. Additionally some boss mechanics are very hard on any characters within melee range, and require stricter attention to positioning in the majority of cases. My guild used to claim that it wasn’t a raid until the Rogue passed away.

You are always welcome If you want to improve them and already understand how. Hyperspeed Accelerators will increase your damage. It is all about Eviscerate damage and a lot of CC. Preserve your Gold.Ideally, you should be able to progress through levels without any Auction House purchases .

While affected by your Kidney Shot ability, the target receives an additional 6% damage from all sources. While affected by your Kidney Shot ability, the target receives an additional 3% damage from all sources. XP / Hr Tracker Track your leveling efficiency with precision.

Pure fist, mace, and dagger combat builds fall roughly 1-2% behind the sword hybrid builds. Mutilate falls roughly around the same level as combat daggers. As a general rule of thumb for leveling purposes, sbnaselflndr on credit report you want the low end damage of your main hand weapon to be equal to or greater than your current level. Slower, harder hitting main hand weapons provide more burst damage via your special attacks.

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