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Guha says that to attach the idea of only this issue to one particular person would be wrong because it is a slightly reductive thing as there is more to a life of a person than this one incident. She won 12 international medals for India and around 50 medals for her home state of Tamil Nadu. Santhi is cruxgg reviews the first Tamil woman to win a medal at the Asian Games. She was let down by India after failing a gender test that she was not aware of. Dr Arun Kumar Mendiratta, the chairman of the Athletics Federation of India Medical Commission, brought her in for a gender test but did not disclose the reason.

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She feels that going back to the typical commercial cinema might be tad difficult for her. “If I do films which don’t revolve around an issue, some people will raise eyebrows. Now you see my situation, if my film caters to an issue, there’s a section that claims I only do films with a ‘mudda’, and if there isn’t any, even that’s a problem.

Towards the end of the film, we see statements about the bias and futility of the gender tests and the inherent lack of humanity in these examinations. The film almost positions Rashmi as a symbol of sorts rather than a singular entity. It might not always ring true in the overall scheme of things.

The way she owns her defeats and triumphs with the perfect conviction will make you fall in love with her all over again. The important message that the movie conveys, which ought to be focused on by everyone, along with Taapsee Pannu’s terrific performance makes ‘Rashmi Rocket’ a must-watch. Chand is still the fastest woman in India with a personal best of 11.17 seconds. Born to a poor family, the job security allowed her to focus on the sport and be crowned national champion at the age of 18, Crasto says. “Dutee was 17 years old when I approached her and offered her a job. She latched on to it on the spot because a job is so important for athletes from small towns and villages,” Crasto tells The National. The trailer of Taapsee Pannu’s latest film Rashmi Rocket dropped on September 23.

He relies less on effort, focuses more on the result. Similarly, a short, almost-silent conversation between Rashmi’s feisty mother and the athlete’s mentor and well-wisher played by Akash Khurana, touches a tender chord. With all its imperfections, Rashmi Rocket ends up being provocative, convincing in its plotline about politics in India’s sporting establishment and entertaining. Proving her position in the industry once more, Taapsee Pannu has done a spectacular job stepping into the shoes of Rashmi.

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