Raja Vikramarka movie review: Intermittently engaging action thriller that fails to explode

The film is a good watch and full marks to the writing department. Logic, pace, and tautness is what one would expect from such films and Sri Saripalli’s work disappoints on all three counts. As far as spy-thrillers go, Raja Vikramarka is a lame one, considering not once during the film do you feel any adrenaline rush. The simple and predictable story doesn’t really rise above the ground level.

Production values and cinematography stand out. NIA agent Raja Vikramarka is assigned to safeguard Telangana home minister Chakravarthy , as a former Maoist leader Guru Narayan comes out of coma after15 years. Raja gets a new identity as an insurance agent and tries to impress Home Minister’s daughter Kanthi so that he can get direct access to the minister. Production values are adequate for this limited budget movie.

The lead actor gets easy access into Home Minister’s house which sounds quite funny. The director struggles hard to narrate the plot in the name of saving Home Minister. Helmed by Sri Saripalli, Raja Vikramarka sees Kartikeya in the titular role, as an NIA secret agent with a sense of humour. His boss Mahendra assigns him the job of protecting police officer-turned-home minister Chakravarthy from the gangster Guru Narayan .

Kartikeya Gummakonda is one of the fittest actors around. He has a perfect body, which suits for action roles. He goes to the Home Minister’s house as an assistant to a dance teacher who teaches dance to Kaanthi , the minister’s daughter. Apart from the simplistic narration, predictability is yet another minus in Raja Vikramarka. Soon after the twist involving Sudhakar Komakula is revealed, there’s hardly anything exciting happening on the screen. Even the ending is wrapped up on predictable lines.

Here is our review of the latest box office release. Kartikeya Gummakonda’s latest film “Raja Vikramarka” has succeeded in gaining our attention with the teaser itself. Debut writer-director Sri Saripalli impresses with his one-liners penned for genre associated with black eyeliner Kartikeya and Tanikella. He must also be appreciated for choosing a different thriller with NIA backdrop for his debut. However, he should have come up with a far more engaging narrative laced with convincing characterizations and taut drama.

But much to the disappointment of all, he came with a routine story and failed completely with his screenplay and direction. Karthikeya’s Raja Vikramarka is not just the title from archives, but also the story from a similar timeline. This story of a young agent falling in love with a Minister’s daughter and he has to save both of them from the baddies by the end, is not new at all. Karthikeya chose to be the same protagonist who tries to fit in the new job as a secret agent but gets all the hunches when they are needed to save the world. The story looks pale with predictable twists and poorly written script.

Sai Kumar gets a character in his comfort zone. Despite having good screen presence, his character is weak as both Home Minister and Father.. Sri Sripalli, a newcomer, directs Raja Vikramarka. It is an action-comedy set in the backdrop of a spy thriller genre. We frequently see films like these made in Hollywood, and Raja Vikramarka is obviously inspired by many of them. Raja Vikramarka tracks the journey of an NIA agent Vikram , who is part of a team assigned to safeguard the Home Minister Sukumar .

Sudhakar Komakula will get a mixed response for his role and performance. He did well during the second half of the movie. Harsha Vardhan happens to be the major relief factor of Raja Vikramarka. Overall, Raja Vikramarka is an action-comedy that fails to blend action and comedy properly. The silly writing and lack of fresh aspects further mar the story.

It is due to the mistake of Vikram, a crucial evidence gets missed. It is then, Vikram takes the responsibility of the security of the Home Minister without his notice. This happens to be his major task and it is then, Vikram turns a LIC Agent and impresses Kanthi , the daughter of the Home Minister. He finally stops the attack on Home Minister and gets the mission accomplished. The real twist comes here and the rest of Raja Vikramarka is all about what happens next. Watch the film to know about the story and about the real twist.

In the second half, the entire plot revolves around a kidnapping scheme that fails to attract the audience. With a wafer-thin yet predictable storyline, Raja Vikramarka doesn’t offer wow moments that one would expect from a spy thriller. Weak conflict coupled with bad direction mars the thriller. There are no gripping elements to hook audiences to screen. He took too many cinematic liberties and leaves logic to the last which isn’t acceptable especially in an action thriller. Raja Vikramarka is just another drama of a happy-go-lucky guy saving all the needy with his spontaneous instincts and muscle that fails to engage.

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