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It can be the effect achieved as your hair grows out or it can be done intentionally too. Are you torn between going for a funky, vibrant hair colour and keeping it natural? Maybe you are conflicted on going global or getting highlights. Whatever your two front strands of hair dyed blonde dilemma is, it is no secret that everyone desires a new makeover that could help lighten the mood and make you look different and unique for a change. An often-unknown cause of split ends or damage to the hair is towel drying and harsh brushing.

For example, if you select a light dye like pink or purple, your hair needs to be light for the color to take properly. If your hair is dark and you want a light color, you’ll need to bleach it to a compatible color base. For clients who ask ‘how do I dye my hair half black and half blonde? ’, this look is the answer, with an even split between glossy jet black and a frosty platinum that’s ultra-alluring.

Purple and blue hair is for the dreamers and for the lovers of unknown. We tend to think so because this mixture creates the perfect galaxy hair trend, due to its resemblance to the night sky that hides mysterious universes out there. Well, that is the reason why we don’t have to worry about too much. As a male, we have all kinds of hair choices, from blonde to brown to brown plus.

And now that virbrant hair colours are finally more accessible in India, it is absolutely possible to get creative with your favourite hues. Split hair colour is also on the trend radar of various high street style icons and sometimes can even be spotted at various fashion events too. If you are looking to express both sides of your personality, this trend is so spot on. If you wish to stick to a classic aesthetic and want your split hair colour style to be versatile in enough for all occassions, opt for the chic black and white combination. And, if you are in the mood for a dash of virbrancy you can always add a bold hue to the white part later on to change things up a bit. Even brown and black is a great combo and may not even require you to bleach your hair depending on the level of brown you want to acheive.

Some dyes will still work even if you don’t bleach your hair first, but you prob won’t get the exact results you’re looking for. Anime shows and movies are brimming with beauty inspiration, especially when it comes to quirky hair colour trends. The split is emphasised by the contrasting colours you choose, so you can really go all out with this trend. Like many other hair trends, the split hair color trend simply appeared, most likely the result of talented hairstylists playing with new techniques.

She appeared to dye her hair with a few of her stands looking blue and pink. With social distancing still in effect amid the coronavirus pandemic, stars are getting antsy when it comes to their hair. With hair salons temporarily shuttered, some have let their natural texture grow while others have buzzed their mane completely off. Then, there are the brave ones who have used this time in isolation to try out a new hair color. Leave-in conditioners and sulfate-free shampoos are your friends. The latter is particularly useful, as sulfates are super-harsh on your hair and can strip color away.

Whether your hair is naturally black or you’re just looking for a goth-toned hairstyle, pairing black with light blonde is a great match for a split style. We love seeing the colors in a cute updo with loose tendrils. Picking one new hair color isn’t easy, picking two for your split hair could be even harder but can also be more exciting!

The superstar singer debuted her pixie mullet on Instagram Story. To achieve her new look, Miley’s go-to hairstylist Sally Hershberger talked Tish Cyrus through the process via FaceTime. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star rocked her red tresses in a post shared to Instagram Dec. 7, 2020. If you’re still on the fence about trying out some quartan-color, keep scrolling for more celebrity at-home hair transformations to inspire you. Our editors recently took a few of NYM’s newer products for a test drive. Spray on to your hair and work it through with your fingers.

In lieu of her signature blond tresses,Hilary Duff is now rocking new blue-green locks. Meanwhile,Sarah Michelle Gellarhas opted for a bubblegum pink look. Heat makes your hair’s cuticles open up, meaning that color leaks out. Keep that color where it should be by avoiding curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers. Instead of dyeing your entire head, you might want to opt for a subtler look. To split dye bangs, simply follow the normal split dye steps.

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