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Once the free trial ends, prices range from $4.95–39.95 per shipment. Some products qualify for free shipping, while others incur the $4.95 shipping cost. Curology makes all of its products in the United States. The company does not test on animals, so all products are vegan.

Unfortunately, FoB caused really severe reaction for me and it took weeks to get my hair to stop falling out in chunks. For what its worth, my daughter is a hair nut. She bought this line and RAVES about it, and couldn’t wait for me to touch it and stuff after a month. So I was interested in this brand because their wavy line uses fermented rice water, and that’s something I’ve been wanting to try….

Because my skin is dry, I was sent a heavier cream moisturizer, though Function of Beauty also offers lighter gel and lotion options for different skin types. It started as pretty standard hair texture, hair goals sort of thing, but then it got really interesting! I was able to select my scent AND scent level, as well as adding a name to the bottles and even selecting the color I wanted my formula to be.

I had seen their display at Target before and my interests were piqued, but as someone who doesn’t really think about her hair as much as she should, I always kind of kept on walking. When I took some time to browse their website and saw their newer skin and body products, I was ready to dive in. I was really impressed with how knowledgeable, intuitive, and well, FUN the signup process was! I have also fallen in love with the majority of their formulas..

The company caters to those who have acne anywhere on their body and offers online access to skin experts to whom they can submit photographs and discuss their skin history. Following this discussion, individuals can receive a personalized formula. With so many products, it can be difficult to know what to use.

A few had success early on so now everyone is clamouring to do it. Finally, I highly recommend Strivectin anti-wrinkle cream. I found a huge tube at TJ Maxx and started using it on my face but also I tested some on my hand, to see if it really works. So I put it on about 1/3 of the top of my left hand only and after a few days I could see a clear reduction in wrinkles there compared to my other hand. I grabbed a few more tubes from TJ Maxx, but this is not a discontinued product AFAIK. The regular price is up there, but when I run out of my stash I will buy it at full price if that’s the only option.

Take brands like Hers or Ro Derm, which are putting a telemedicine spin on the visit to the dermatologist, the original “personalised” skin care. Customers of Hers’ Skin RX line speak virtually with a health care provider, who recommends products that can be purchased online. The final step in my FoB skincare routine was this heavier cream.

The intricate algorithm creates a precise color match and then the Fresh Faced Foundation ($49) is individually blended and delivered in as little as 72 hours. The original scans are kept on record in the client’s app to make refills a cinch. Of course we’re not dermatologists, but we have included a few doctor clips below that support the theory. If you’re interested in trying out the hack, keep reading on for more.

Meanwhile, the spray is great for adding moisture, sheen, and bounce. To apply it, just spray the product on dry hair from root dyed red curly hair to tips and spread it evenly. (she/her) Skincare educator and researcher with 9+ years of writing experience on the topic.

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