Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Nursery Guide Location & Breeding Methods

The invisible system of Individual Values has been behind the scenes for a long time. Unlike Effort Values you are unable to influence these Pokémon in regular gameplay–with one exception. They’re the unique numbers that make your Pokémon’s stat growth unique. Almost every Pokémon specializes in one stat at the expense of another. Natures determine which stat gets a 10% boost, which is reduced by 10%, or if all remain the same.

The Everstone can be found in the Grand Underground through mining or the player can get one from trading a Medicham for a Haunter in the house in the northwest corner of Snowpoint City. There are a couple measures players can take to get the right nature for their desired offspring Pokemon. verzuz apple music The first thing to keep in mind when breeding a Pokemon is what nature you want the offspring to have. At first, the nature of a Pokemon may just appear to be flavor text in a Pokemon’s summary screen, but really, it’s the determining factor of how your Pokemon’s stats grow.

Here are a few basic tips to make the most of the breeding system if you’re looking to use it to make the absolute best possible Pokémon. First, steps in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl don’t actually have to be steps, but distance traveled on your bike. Find yourself a nice, long stretch of land, preferably with no wild Pokémon on it, and start doing laps. There’s even a nice path between Route 209, going through Solaceon Town, and Route 210 you can go up and down without fear of getting into battle.

With a Pokemon with the Sychronize ability at the front of the party, players are guaranteed to find a Pokemon with a matching nature to that of the Sychronize Pokemon. For example, if a modest-natured Abra with Sychronize is at the front of the party, you are guaranteed to encounter a wild Pokemon with a modest nature. We cannot say for certain which stats are inherited thanks to how randomly the Destiny Knot works.

If you speak to the man on the left in the nursery, he will give you an application that allows you to check on the breeding process while you’re away. Once an egg is ready, speak to the woman at the counter who will hand over the egg. The child will inherit 3 IVs, but the other 3 will be randomly determined, so you’ve got 3 shots at a 1/32 chance. If you didn’t manage to pick up your desired nature while breeding for egg moves, it’s time to break out your collection of dittos.

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