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Contravention of the provisions of the Act and of the Conduct Rules can also be dealt with departmentally under the relevant Discipline Rules, and may well justify the imposition of a suitable penalty with reference to the fact and circumstances of each case. In the opinion of the Committee, nothing can weaken the morale of the public services more than a general feeling that, in a certain set of circumstances, they may be subjected to harassing enquiries with [pii_email_a42277285fa7a777ff7e] no prospect of any protection from any quarter, for whatever they might have done in good faith. In view of the non-political and non-sectarian character of the Sanyukta Sadachar Samiti, it has been decided that Central Government servants should be free to join the Samiti, provided that their association with the Samiti is without detriment to the proper discharge of their normal official duties or infringement of the Government Servants Conduct Rules.

It is requested that provisions in the Manual of Office Procedure and Conduct Rules, reproduced in the Annexure as well as the decision referred to in the preceding paragraph may be brought to the notice of all concerned. If, however, in a particular case, it is considered necessary to disclose the identity of the superior officer, the authority dealing with the representation may at his discretion allow the identity to be communicated. The above procedure will not apply to Government servants who appear before the Pay Commission on behalf of service associations. They may do so without the prior permission of Government, if so authorized by the Service Associations whom they represent. Government servants visiting foreign countries should refrain from giving expression to views on Indian or foreign affairs and in particular, from making any written or oral statements without specific prior approval of the Head of the Indian Missions in the country visited.

Head of departments may grant the required permission, provided the practice is undertaken during spare time, on a purely charitable basis, without detriment to the official duties of the Government servant concerned. It is relevant to point out that the activities of the Government extend over wide ranging fields, some of which are well publicized and some are not; this could lead to an unintended preference in recognition for persons engaged in the former category which is not desirable. Some of the bodies which institute awards may also be involved in activities which may prove embarrassing for the Government. Moreover it has been accepted that a civil servant should not strive to seek publicity or public recognition since his job is to act in a fair manner within the framework of the policy laid down by the political executive, seeking awards instituted by Private bodies can affect such functioning. Finally, the achievement which may be attributed to a Government servant is almost always a result of coordinated efforts and thinking by a number of individuals and not the achievement of one person alone.

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These instructions stressed that all Government employees should maintain an attitude of strict impartiality. Ministry of Finance etc., are therefore, requested to specially bring once against to the notice of all Government employees, working in or under them, the above-quoted provisions in para 1 on the subject. It is emphasized that any disregard of these instructions should be considered as a serious act of indiscipline and suitable action initiated against the erring employees. After careful consideration, it has been decided to withdraw these instructions with immediate effect.

Such of the Government servants as are holding key posts and who cannot be released during an emergency need not be permitted to join the Service. In spite of specific provisions in this rule, during the past two years quite a number of cases have been reported to the Special Police Establishment in which Government servants have been found carrying on life insurance business on their own or in the names of their wives or dependent, etc. Acceptance of part-time employment of Government servants after office hours ordinarily not to be allowed.

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