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TreadWright built a new factory in Houston, Texas, in 2014. Although remolded tires for noncommercial vehicles are common in Europe, TreadWright makes the only consumer remold in North America. Contacted warranty department and filed a claim, three weeks later my tires have yet to ship. Your shipping department needs some help badly. Began to have a lot of vibration, shakes, wobbling.

The Warden II AT features a sturdy rubber compound, designed to endure harsh driving conditions. Hence, the probability of getting a puncture with this tire is slim, even when you encounter rugged terrains. TreadWright specializes in remold tires. This TreadWright tire brand review has the answers. I ran these tires hard, in every kind of on-road and off-road terrain, and through every season.

TreadWright has been in business for a long time. TreadWright uses inspected casings from used tires, which makes sense because a tire’s tread usually wears out before its casing does. So, by remolding new rubber around a casing that would otherwise be in a landfill, TreadWright uses approximately 6 gallons of oil compared to 18 gallons for a new tire. I knew going in that the tires would be louder with road noise and they are.

So would have to pay for tire to be swapped. Tires are also larger profile than my past tires in the same exact size, these rub on my trucks frame. Very disappointed in a great American company, it’s actually why I chose these over others. Tires look great and are great looking. Still rubbing on my truck frame in reverse. Customer service was less than acceptable.

All in all, TreadWright has filled a unique niche in manufacturing retread tires and caters to the off-road community with great-looking, aggressive, long-lasting remolded tires. With a value price, a two-year warranty, and a 40,000-mile range, these tires will easily go the extra mile. TreadWright is an American company that has a long business history. It manufactures its products in the US, and tires are sold only to US-based customers despite popularity of remolded tires in Europe. In 2014, it constructed one more factory in Houston, Texas. TreadWright Tires now offers an optional 24-month road hazard warranty, available on all new tire purchases.

Then the tires are given a twice over with the NDT machine to ensure that the integrity and balance specs weren’t changed in the remolding process. Next stop was a trip to the local tire shop, where the techs were amazed at how the remolds looked like a new tire. They commented on how it was nearly impossible lo fi album covers to tell the difference between TreadWright’s remold and new. TreadWright offers a unique Bead-to-Bead tire, where the remold spans the entire tire, from inner to outer bead. So all of the tires have reinforced sidewall and the TreadWright logo instead of a bunch of mismatched brand logos.

Reputable company, good traction, mountain snowflake rating and same ballpark as the treadwrights. In my size I can get 5 for the price of 4 BFGs or Duratracs. In my opinion, if there’s anything you should be spending money on, it’s tires. A good set of tires is, in my opinion, the single most important upgrade/investment for your vehicle in terms of off roading, overlanding etc. Absolutely nothing is more important in terms of mods.

I’m a senior manufacturing engineer with a DJIA company, no way we would do this to our customers. That might be why we have been around so long…perhaps they wont. Now that their price has gone way up with the company’s new ownership, I did not buy a 2nd set. With the Tread Lightly membership discounts from Cooper Tires and Discount Tire, I was able to get a set of Cooper Discoverer ST-MAXX for an incredible price. Although I miss the Treadwright’s Kedge Grip, these Coopers are better in every way. So yes, the Treadwrights aren’t the deal they used to be; I loved mine, but at this point in time I would recommend looking elsewhere for a better deal on a brand-new set of tires.

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