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This is an outrageous list of dog foods you say is the top brands. I see that you must be getting paid off by these big commercial companies or you don’t do your research. TOTW is in a lawsuit right now because their food contains pesticides, arsenic, BPA, Cadmum, Mercury, Lead and Acrylamide. Champion which makes Acana and Orijen is also in a lawsuit and was in the process to sell to Purina. Blue Buffalo had one of the biggest recalls in history and is currently in another lawsuit for pets suffering/dying from kidney failure.

We rate each recipe and list them from higest to lowest ratings. Paw Tree Dry Dog Food is a pet food line with a 3-star rating — around 31% of all the pet food we review fall in this tier. All content on this site is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Tired of making messy food from raw ingredients, she began using dehydrated ingredients. The first product was called Verve, and it was available in-store and online that same year. Everything is apparently human-grade and is actually taste tested by two-legged samplers (as well as the four-legged kind!).

You can find more information on veterinary nutritionists below. For reference I have two dogs and a cat, all of which are eating dry kibble with meat as the primary ingredients. This is supplemented with raw meat offcuts two or three times a week from the kitchen. A safe supplement to improve the completeness of essential amino acids profile . However, it could imply the lack of meat protein – usually in lower quality pet foods. Mainly added to enhance the flavor, might cause kidney and blood pressure issues in a larger dose.

We met a dog on the street that was fantastic and the owners told us that they got him from Whistle Hill. John and Rachel are fantastic moonrat coin and truly care about the dogs before, during and after adoption. He is unafraid, sociable, gentle and a pleasure to train.

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