Paula Ruiz Y Vega in the 1940 Census

The good news is that because of Puerto Rico’s declaration on the state of emergency for the first time in the island’s history, gender violence has become a part of the political discussion among candidates running for office. Fast forward five months, and Rosario’s suspect is still roaming free against the backdrop of Puerto Rico’s government-declared state of emergency over gender violence, which was announced in January 2021. This transpired three years after women’s right groups and health organizations pleaded with Governo Ricky Rossellό and then his successor Governor Wanda Vázquez to make a statement.

The group said it was inspired by the Sunrise Movement and the work Ocasio-Cortez has done in the US. Ocasio-Cortez is known to wear red lipstick, usually by the American makeup brand Stila Cosmetics in the shade “Beso”, as a style trait of Latina women from the Bronx. In a skincare tutorial for Vogue, she explained that beauty and femininity are important to her because these things are often used against women in politics covenant fallout 4 and society, and that self-love is like a “mini protest” against misogynistic critiques. Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign was featured on the cover of the June 2018 edition of The Indypendent, a free New York City-based monthly newspaper. In a tweet she hailed the cover appearance on “NYC’s classic monthly” as an important breakthrough for her campaign. Otherwise Ocasio-Cortez was barely mentioned in print until her primary win.

Photo by Roman Melnychuk on UnsplashHow can we co-create if we are not allowing ourselves to create in the first place? Schedule artistic days in the jefa calendar specifically focused on just creating. Whether it’s drawing, dancing, writing, or doing anything that encourages us to express our multi-dimensionality. It’s important to let our imagination and inner child play because many neglect this part of us and it’s a necessary practice to get to know our truest and deepest desires.

Like the moon, we will go through phases and cycles of dark and light, but the goal is to awaken and connect with our magic every step of the way. Spiritually overcoming fears can be a lifelong journey, especially for those who have experienced generations of trauma. Even when we think we have crossed a threshold of bravery, there are times those same fears come back to haunt us. That’s when we realize the fears did not disappear; instead, they cling to hidden places deep in our minds. During this dark moon phase, our flight and fight response may be on high alert, but instead of ignoring this, use this time to replace old habits and implement new self-developing rituals.

Because it’s in the sign of Libra certain relationships, have the opportunity to do some healing and/or releasing. Some Latinas might do some tough love inner child healing from the estrellas. So again, take it easy, rest, and evaluate your journey rather than push yourself to work hard. We know people are feeling the effects of the latest Mercury in retrograde, but does the retrograde hit a little differently for Latinas? Luz Media caught up with exclusive Luz Community contributor Sisther Pravia to ask the clarifying questions we’re all needing right now. And if you need any more insight and advice (don’t we all?), catch Sisther over at the Luz Media IG for her Midway through Retrograde IG Live hosted by Cindy Rodriguez of spiritual hiking community Reclama on September 21, 2022 at 4pm Pacific.

Some progressive commentators subsequently criticized Ocasio-Cortez for having only endorsed two Democratic primary challengers by March 3. A notable omission was Cori Bush, who had received an endorsement from Ocasio-Cortez two years prior. At the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on February 27, 2020, Ocasio-Cortez argued for LGBTQ equality in the context of her religious background.

Went on the trip to hang out with her besties, cringe at Brent, and keep an eye on Manuel since she believes he may be a Brent 2.0 and not a good match for her daughter. Wanted to get away from her stressful police job so was happy when the opportunity arose, even though keeping her wife from random flirting with everything that moves may not be an easy task either. Imagine having to be scared of falling in love because, if it goes wrong, you may get killed. When Cármen Ruiz De Diaz was born about 1900, her mother, Andrea, was 20. In 1940, she was 40 years old and lived in Santurce, Puerto Rico, with her husband, Pedro, 3 sons, 4 daughters, and mother.

For entrepreneurs and creatives planning their end-of-year goals and preparing for the new year, it’s recommended to focus on protecting businesses’ assets and intellectual property and ensuring all legal matters are up to date. Many Latina entrepreneurs and small business owners fear losing their businesses, facing sudden legal issues, or being copied and plagiarized. Therefore, ensuring protective business measures are put in place and aligned during this period is essential. Bad Bunny performed the song for the first time on June 4th in Puerto Rico at Buscabulla’s first concert post-COVID. You can check out the rapper’s great outfit and a short clip of the performance below, via his Instagram. It seems that when the SpaceX CEO is not firing thousands of employees without notice or reinstating former president Donald Trumps Twitter account, he likes to keep himself busy with the killings of over one thousand animals—for science.

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