An Entity with the Goal of Increasing the Rate at which We Move Towards Sustainability by Building Chicago to Be the Blockchain Capital of the World.


An organization comprised of all of Chicago, open to anyone who chooses to participate.


The goal is our North Star and guiding ethos directing pivots in method and design. We aim to increase the rate at which the World moves toward sustainability.


CBP will aid selected viable Chicagoan projects that use continual systems and methods for producing sustainable products/services.


Proactively educating, marketing, and developing software with the community.


A city internationally recognized as a leader in the development of blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency attracts people seeking a new economic vision.

In New York the heavy hand of government regulation strangles the Golden Goose of Innovation.

In Silicon Valley the scions of tech join forces with traditional VC firms to cage their Golden Geese.

In Chicago we breed Golden Geese by the thousands!

Blockchain systems allow a group of people, with no reason to trust each other, to agree on a set of data AND the time the data was entered into the system. An emergent property of blockchain systems is inspiration to act. The system can be engineered in such a way that a positive feedback loop is created between the value of the system and the number of individuals inspired to actively participate.

Leveraging hype surrounding the crypto economy, Chicago Blockchain Project inspires people to participate in their own education and the education of others. We will reward contribution to projects which align in our ethos to build our city’s future. Through helping others, participation in learning will be experiential. Armed with skills required to compete in the economy of the future, we will establish Chicago as the blockchain capital of the world.

The Chicago Blockchain Project intends to create systems of the future by connecting private and public institutions through an ecosystem engineered to benefit individuals, small and medium enterprises, and corporations. This system will be comprised of a TEAM, BUILDERS, & INVESTORS. The Chicago Blockchain Project TEAM delivers organizational stability by directing funds and efforts of INVESTORS and BUILDERS. BUILDERS can be any individual in Chicago.

We anticipate generating profits from strategic partnerships, sponsorship and sales on our platform, and special annual events. Shared with CHI token holders, our INVESTORS and BUILDERS, profits will be folded back into the Chicago Blockchain Project ecosystem.

The existing economic system extracts value from BUILDERS and those paying for services to rent seekers invested in the shareholder model. In systems thinking, we call this entropy waste. By eliminating this waste from the system we can outcompete traditional organizations by reinvesting profits as incentivization for participation.

Chicago will emerge as the blockchain capital of the world.