Nick’s Old Fashioned Hamburger, Lexington, United States Reviews

I couldn’t (and really shouldn’t) have more than 3 or 4 a week. Some that were missed were ones that I really wanted to get to but just didn’t for whatever reason, whether for proximity, convenience, or honestly, desire. Not that I didn’t want to go to some of them but because there were others that I felt I needed to try more. The ones that I missed outside of the Winston-Salem area were because of the distance. The ones outside Winston that I did have were ones that I was either working in that area on an outside project or Steven and I went there together.

The new bakery location is smaller, but worth the change because of location, location, location, she added. This is not the first national recognition Nick’s has received from a best-of list. Nick’s won the same title, but from “Taste of import premium vegetables from spain Home” magazine in 2019. Okay, so here we go into the Top 9, where most of the ratings were different. Two of the last lists’ Top 10 were left off this time. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

DetailsIn Brookings, on Hobo Day 1929, Harold and Gladys Nikalson fired up a little grill and started turning out burgers for just 5 cents. Although the price has changed over the years, little else has. Our burgers are still made to order with fresh – never frozen – beef, on homemade buns made with our secret recipe. Enjoy homemade pie and old fashioned milk shakes with your burgers. We also offer catering service with our mobile trailer, great for gatherings of any kind.

I had seen it in passing and didn’t know if it was actually open. I had noticed it on the DoorDash menu, as well. I saw a friend talk about it and decided to jump in there and try it. It’s another situation of taking a frozen patty and making magic with it. Much of the score here is from my enjoyment from eating it, but I cannot take anything away from the flavors. The seasoned grill with years of use along with fresh ingredients and proper seasoning on the patties is certainly magic.

Ground beef patty, onion aioli, pickle slices, sliced tomato, cheddar cheese. The onion aioli was a bit messy but the flavors were amazing. Chefs Andrews and Swing do amazing work at YCC and I am so glad I had this one, on our anniversary, by the way. The patty was cooked just right and all the ingredients popped well together. YCC is located at 424 4th Street in WSNC.

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